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WUB - Medical School Facts for Parents

Famous for the pristine beaches, Barbados is a place that carries the all-inclusive beauty. It is a UNESCO world –heritage listed capital, renowned for its scenic beauty and peaceful atmosphere. Barbados was first placed in the "Very High Human Development" category by The Human Nations Development Index (2011) and the most developed Caribbean islands. Life in Barbados is a synthesis of Caribbean life with all advancement and convenience of the city. Apart from this, Barbados is an economically sound and safe country in every aspect. The affordable living expense.

WUB is aiming at enabling students to practice medicine in the developed and developing countries. It provides an overall opportunity to the students dreaming of pursuing their medical degree from a unique curriculum that sets them the path towards the noble profession of medicine. WUB is committed to an environment that inspires learning, commitment, accountability and ethical patient care. The lectures and the quality of education is the strength of WUB. Apart from the ultra-modern classroom, prodigious laboratory hall and in-house library; Life in WUB applause with the cultural association, volunteering activities, clubs of academic interest and multiple social works. Students in WUB can avail the affordable living expenses and the cost-effective course fees. They are the main part of a lively, diverse campus community which is a lasting and learning experience for the whole lifetime.

With its education and outstanding faculty members, WUB is committed to unlocking a much larger world of far-reaching career-opportunities to every medical aspirant. WUB shows there is a world of possibilities out there to explore to its every student.