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Why WUB?

Famous for its pristine beaches, Barbados is a place which carries the all-inclusive beauty of nature. In addition to the dazzling powdery sand and magnificent turquoise blue waves, Barbados is a UNESCO world –heritage listed capital, a place with a profound sense of awe and a peaceful escape with its rain forest, wild surfing and much more. Studying Medical Program at an International Medical School is always a dream for lots of students across the world. But studying MD in the Caribbean Islands is more than a dream for countless aspirants for a worthwhile learning and lifelong memorable experiences.

One of the greatest strengths of WUB is the commitment and quality of faculty whose primary objective is the teaching and mentoring of medical students.

At WUB, our faculty has been renowned both for their exceptional professional credentials and their strong commitment to teaching. All the faculty members are eager and entitled to train the next generation of physicians through problem-based learning, lectures, and community involvement.

Ultra-modern classrooms in WUB with advanced technology based learning system provides the learning environment for medical education which shapes the future patient care environment. The classroom of WUB is the place that inspires learning, compassion, accountability, and commitment to ethical patient care.

The campus life of WUB consists of several extracurricular activities so that students can engage themselves in their free time. There are arrangements of Basketball court, Soccer field, Cricket Grounds and other outdoor and indoor activities. WUB also offers feature gym and jogging centre along with its wide area of sports and recreation for students’ participation.

Apart from this, Life in WUB acclaims with the cultural association, performance group, and clubs of academic interest. Students in WUB are the main part of a lively, diverse campus community which is a memorable experience and the salt of the earth for the whole lifetime!

WUB follows USMLE methodology which is the main step to become a licensed physician in the USA. Washington University of Barbados is among the few schools that created a curriculum for both USA and international students with USMLE preparation with their regular medical education to have a successful MD in the USA. WUB maintains an innovative way of learning that helps students to take USMLE preparation & to achieve USMLE goals.