Washington University of Barbados is aspiring to be one among the
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Admissions Policies

Admission Department represents the school and it is the face of the University. Like the other department, it is kept under the strictest of confidentiality. A standard must be met for student admission and it is the goal of the admission department to determine the students’ academic ability to pursue a rigorous medical school education.

Admissions Department is operated by a protocol and each representative is responsible to converting students into the School of Medicine.

Advertisement of WUB

WUB is advertised throughout the Easter hemisphere of the world at present due to its heavy population. Advertisement is done through newspapers, radio, television and social media.  As a new medical school the Governing Body have attempted to align themselves with replicable offshore medical schools.

Student Selection

The admission of students is offered through the office of the Registrar in collaborating with the School of Medicine.

WUB is committed to ensure that when you apply here onward to complete Clinical Rotations, USMLE and or Residency all your documents are correct and legitimate hence the thorough checking of each student’s background for admission to the school.

Pre-Medical Science Program Eligibility

Four trimesters of Premedical Sciences are offered to accommodate students from different academic backgrounds as a foundation for Medical Sciences; therefore, all Pre-med Applicants have to meet the following requirements:
For American/ Canadian Students:

  • High School Diploma or equivalent
  • GPA: 3.0

For CARICOM Students: CXC/CSEC Boards
Graduates of 1998 or before: Physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics level 1 and 2.
Graduates after 1998: level 1, 2 or 3

For all other Students:

  • Must have High School Education (+2 level) with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and at least 1 year of Mathematics
  • Minimum percentage of 50% (aggregate)

Basic Medical Science Program Eligibility

For American / Canadian Students:

  • Students to WUB are required to have earned a Bachelor’s Degree in science from a North American University. Applicants may apply with the final year of bachelor’s coursework in progress. Prerequisite courses must have been completed and should include the following:

Biology (General or Zoology)
Two semesters of Biology with laboratory

Chemistry (General or Inorganic)
Two semesters of Chemistry with laboratory

Organic Chemistry
Two semesters of Organic Chemistry with laboratory

Two semesters of Physics with laboratory

English (or a humanities equivalent)
Two semesters of English or a writing-intensive humanities equivalent

Mathematics (Calculus or Statistics recommended)

One semester of College-level Mathematics

For Students who have not studied in the United States nor Canada:

  • Associate of Science Degree or Bachelors of Science Degree or Baccalaureate Degree or at least 90 credit hours of undergraduate studies including the following subjects:

Biology (General or Zoology)
Two semesters of Biology with laboratory

Chemistry (General or Inorganic)
Two semesters of Chemistry with laboratory

Organic Chemistry
Two semesters of Organic Chemistry with laboratory

Two semesters of Physics with laboratory

English (or a humanities equivalent)
Two semesters of English or a writing-intensive humanities equivalent

Mathematics (Calculus or Statistics recommended)

One semester of College-level Mathematics

Students who have studied outside of United States of America or Canada must have their credentials evaluated. This evaluation can be done by the World Educational Services which is a credential evaluation and which compares your academic accomplishments to standards in the U.S. or Canada. This report helps institutions like schools, employers, licensing boards, or immigration authorities better understand your educational background.

A report from WES does the following:

  • Identifies and describes your credentials
  • Verifies that your credentials are authentic
  • May include a grade point average (GPA) equivalency
  • Includes an evaluation of the authenticity of your documents

You also have the option to upgrade to an International Credential Advantage Package (ICAP); this means we will store your verified transcripts and evaluation report for easy sending to universities and approved licensing bodies at any time. (
Please Note: Applicants with lower GPA scores or no MCAT should have strong letters of recommendation and satisfy the Admissions Committee that they possess strong motivation to study medicine. Preference will be given to Applicants who have passed MCAT or have earned a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.

Additionally, a personal interview may be requested at the discretion of the Admissions

Clinical Rotations Program Eligibility


Mail the 1) Application, 2) Transcripts 3) Curriculum Vitae 4) Application Fee $100.00 U.S.


The Other Requested Documents Below:


Verification of US Citizenship: (PLEASE EXCLUDE IF NOT A CITIZEN OF US)


Driver's license/ Social Security Card/ Permanent  Resident Card


Legible copy of your passport's information page if you are not a citizen of the United States.


Five (5) passport size photos* (no older than 12 months)


Original Police Background check* (no older than 6 months)


10 Panel drug test results (no older than 1 week prior to registration)


Physical Examination


Record of Immunization (must be dated within the last 10 years) : Varicella, Hepatitis B, Mumps, Measles, Rubella (MMR), Tetanus and annual PPD.


HIV Exam or Education certification**


Dean's letter of good standing




USMLE Step 1 history report


Photocopies of all relevant diplomas, certificates and awards.


A telephone interview will be scheduled with the Clinical Dean. The Semester Fee will be due on acceptance.

On matriculating into WUB each student is greeted with the following:

  • Picture Consent Form (Appendix)
  • Student Agreement (Appendix)
  • Guidelines for opening a bank account(Appendix)
  • Accessing local telephone services (Appendix)
  • Does and Don’ts of Barbados


Role of Admissions Department

  • Analyse the applications of prospective students based on standard admission policies.
  • Interview students to understand their objectives and background.
  • Provide clarifications to student’s queries in a professional manner.
  • Follow-up with students for any enquiries through direct meetings, live chat, phone calls and emails.
  • Advise students about the programs offered, admission procedure, eligibility and costs involved.
  • Provide assistance with recruitment activities, student interviews, admission publications, and information sessions.
  • Provide assistance to the students to complete the enrolment forms.
  • Review all the students’ applications and refer the students to financial services personnel if required.
  • Inform students about the courses offered and the tuition fees.
  • Arrange orientation programs, educational workshops and graduation programs for students.
  • Provide support to prepare admission related presentations and to host student receptions.
  • Develop innovative communication strategies, recruitment strategies and enrolment plans in coordination with senior management to attract and enrol more students.
  • Participate in all recruitment events, open houses, school fairs, information sessions, exhibitions, school visits and off-campus events.
  • Maintain a database of student information, telephone logs and student feedbacks in order to generate student reports for management whenever required.
  • Provide support and reports to the Board of Directors.

Dress Code

As representative of the School of Medicine, department is important as if it reflects the image of the university. Blazers or uniforms are to be worn when it representing the school at all times. No slippers are to be worn outside of the office. Hair styles are to be presentable at all times and skin is to be creamed as well kept in a presentable manner. Dressing attire is to be properly fitted with no holes, no stains. However, if an accident occurs during the course of the day, then it would be exempted.

Answering the Phones

It is imperative that when answering the phone persons should say either of the following

Good Morning, Washington University of Barbados, (Name) speaking, how can I be of assistance.

Good Afternoon Washington University of Barbados, (Name) speaking, how can I be of assistance.

Good Evening Washington University of Barbados, (Name) speaking, how can I be of assistance.


Thank you for calling Washington University of Barbados, (Name) speaking, how I can direct your call.

On answering students the following data should be taken:


Number (s)

Email Address


All Admissions Staff should be aware of all circulars sent to students and staff. Student files are to be followed up by both Admissions Officers and all files are to be transparent.

They should be three sets of categories in which students should be placed on the inception of applying in which there must be a displayed colour code as follows:

Potential Student

Converted Student

Current Student

Departed Student

Student files must be filed in alphabetical order and labelled properly. Each file must have the following:

  • WUB Checklist
  • Follow Up Sheet
  • Application Documents
  • Visa Documents if necessary
  • Signed Student Agreement
  • Signed Picture Consent
  • Tuition Fees
  • Letters
  • Academics

Knowledge and Data


Admissions officers should know:

  • Application Process to be accepted in the School of Medicine
  • Documents needed to enter Pre Medical Program, Basic Sciences and Clinical Rotations
  • Culture of WUB
  • All affiliations
  • Curriculum of WUB
  • Student Government Association and activities
  • What is posted on the University’s website and Facebook Page
  • Recruiters
  • Marketing materials


Data of potential students should be placed on the provided portal or computer in a spreadsheet with notes of the conversation and who took the call. Once a physical application is made then the notes should be transferred to the file.

Notes should consist of information given to the student and nay queries placed by the student.


Emails should come from and signed by the responding Admission Officer. After each phone call, an introductory email should be sent with what is discussed within 24 hours. In the email, an outline of the application process should be outlined with all wire transfer details and fees that must be paid.

Introductory emails must be uniformed, and if modified, notification of the change should be sent in a memorandum with an effective date.


All files are to be kept confidential and shared only amongst the Admission Department, Dean, Board of Directors, Accounts. Files can only be shared by formal writing by the Board of Directors or the Dean of Washington University of Barbados: The School of Medicine.

At times, no files should be discussed with students unless for the recruiting purposes and this should be authorized by the Board of Directors or the Dean.

Scholarships or loans must be kept on files and only shared with the mentioned parties.

Meetings and Reports

Meetings should be held every Monday at 10:00 a.m. to have a plan of action for the week. Minutes of this meeting should be reported to the Board of Directors via email with an update of:

  • Potential students
  • Converted Students
  • Immigration Status of student visas and flights
  • Arising Issues
  • Training of any questions towards programs offered

Every Friday a report should be sent to the Board of Directors with the progress of the students and Admissions Department.

of Barbados?
An Established Institution

An Established Institution
WUB is a renowned healthcare institution that has offered Medical Degrees for well over a decade.

An International Career

An International Career
Join our international medical community where classes are taught in English by experienced professors and medical doctors from around the world.

Clinical Experience

Clinical Experience
Direct clinical experience is supported by a solid tutoring system and starts in your third year, which gives you considerable practical experience.

Innovative and Active Teaching

Innovative and Active Teaching
WUB curriculum is enhanced by a wide variety of active learning methods based on a student-centred approach (Problem-Based Learning, Case method, Concept maps, Simulated patients).


Enjoy the style, culture, gastronomy and entertainment of one of Barbados's most exciting cities. Venture further to experience the delights of Barbados or use the opportunity to learn Barbados.

Advanced Research and Technology

Advanced Research and Technology
WUB can count on state-of-the-art technologies and research experience. A new simulation centre of 1000 sm, designed according to the highest technological standards, will be ready for autumn 2018.

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