Youthful Brain Review: The Best Supplement to Boost Your Mental Energy or a Scam?

Brain aging is something we can’t avoid but we want to postpone. It is not a secret that scientists from all over are working on increasing the quality of our lives. Youthful Brain is a product that helps you to support your mental functions and increase your memory abilities. How it works and what is inside the package? Let’s have a closer look at this supplement.

What is this item about

The supplement was developed by the Vitality Now company, which is a relatively new player in this market. However, they have got already their piece of the market pie. Their innovative formulation was designed to prevent brain aging and to boost your mental abilities.

What is this item about youthful brain

Youthful Brain formulation includes natural ingredients only and is it safe. Even after using the 30-Day supply of this product, you will feel some positive changes including better concentration and vitality. Even so, those are not single positive changes you will have. By continuing to take the supplement you will have even better results.

How does it work?

This is a supplement and not a magic pill to take and to have an immediate effect on your body. You need to use this product constantly to have a result. And we are sure you will follow this recommendation as you will feel better even after using one package of Youthful Brain.

The supplement supports your mental abilities and boosts your overall energy level due to its well combined natural ingredients, which, put together, become a kind of magic.

How effective this item is

Youthful Brain starts working once you take your first capsule, but you will feel the effect later after a month or a couple. The supplement is really effective as it includes some ingredients in its formulation which have a strong positive impact on your mental activity and clearness.

Bacopa, for example, is described by the famous WebMD online medical magazine. This element is famous for increasing certain brain chemicals responsible for learning, thinking, and memory.


Now it is time to learn more about the ingredients of Youthful Brain. This supplement includes:

  1. Vitamin B12. This is a key coenzyme, which is involved in metabolic pathways. This element is a promising nutrient helping to prevent cognitive decline.
  2. This element was already briefly described in the review. Bacopa is the most popular nootropic nowadays. It is included in many other supplements as a memory enhancer. Bacopa is a natural ingredient produced from an ayurvedic herb. It was known for centuries. Bacopa supports higher levels of brain signaling and improves cognition.
  3. This is another nootropic, which is used in several brain supporting supplements currently. It includes some elements that increase blood viscosity. This results in better blood flow to your brain.
  4. This element was taken as a nootropic for a long time. It was used in different supplements for ages. It has three major advantages including promoting blood flow, acting as an anti-inflammatory mean, and having great anti-oxidant properties. Vinpocetine is recommended to be taken every day.
  5. Algae complex. This element is not as famous as previous elements when it comes to nootropic agents. However, it includes DHA, which can be found in various brain supplements. DHA is known to help when it comes to mental health and depression.
  6. This is a rather popular element used in various nootropic supplements.
  7. Soy Lecithin. This element has almost the same effect that Algae complex does.
  8. Huperzine-A. This element has an impact on acetylcholine esterase. Acetylcholine is responsible for transmitting signals across synapses. Some studies are showing that by inhibiting the activity of acetylcholine esterase the brain is able to send and receive more signals. This has a positive effect on cognition
  9. L-Glutamine. This element can increase the amount of Gamma-aminobutyric acid, which is important for mental activity.
  10. This ingredient increases the volume of acetylcholine production in the body.
  11. Asian Ginseng. This is another powerful nootropic agent, which is very effective in preventing neurological disorders. It also supports the mood and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

How safe Youthful Brain is

To respond to this question, you need to look inside the bottle. In other words, you need to look through the ingredients. All of them or almost all are famous and popular nootropic agents helping the brain to work properly supporting your mental activity and preventing its aging.

How safe Youthful Brain is

The formulation was created during multiple clinical studies proving the safety of the supplement. Moreover, when buying one or a couple of packages you need to remember that you are purchasing a supplement and not a medicine. This is a big difference as medicine needs a prescription. A supplement is something you can buy without any doctor’s recommendations.

Moreover, many statements are coming from various Youthful Brain users from all over. They are talking about the positive effect of this supplement. No negative comments are telling that this product is unsafe or caused some damage to those who used it.

What is the effect of using Youthful Brain

One of the greatest advantages of this supplement is that it supports mental activity, improves cognition and memory. Those are the main effects you may feel after using Youthful Brain for some time. However, you need to understand that this supplement can’t do magic. You can’t take one or two capsules to see the results.

Advantages of Youthful Brain

You can benefit from the following advantages when taking Youthful Brain:

  1. This supplement improves your cognitive abilities.
  2. It is one of the best products to support your mental energy and memory.
  3. Youthful Brain includes natural ingredients only.
  4. It is based on the unique formulation, developed by famous scientists.
  5. This item is safe and effective. According to multiple testimonials and reviews, Youthful Brain starts working immediately and you will feel the first results even after you finish your first package.

Side effects

There are no clinically proven side effects. It means that the supplement is totally safe. You can use it without any precautions even if you take medicines at that time. However, it is better to consult your doctor before buying this product. Moreover, if you have some unusual conditions that are disturbing you, you should stop using the supplement and contact your physician.

How to use Youthful Brain

This product is a supplement meaning you can use it twice per day. It is better to avoid overdosage. There are no clinical proofs of any damage caused to your body bu the overdosage, but it is recommended following the instructions. Two capsules should be taken simultaneously before 4 pm.

Precaution measures

We have underlined already that this is a natural product, which has no proven side effects or other negative consequences. Even so, it is recommended to keep this item out of children’s reach. Those capsules are harmless but there are no studies on how it impacts a child’s body.


If you are ready to make your frist order, you want to know about the contraindications. There are no special measures to follow. Bear in mind that you are dealing with a supplement and not with medicine.

Where to buy Youthful Brain

If you are ready to make your first purchase, you need to go to the official Vitality Now website. There you need to choose Youthful Brain and go to a registration page. Once you are there, you need to fill the following fields:

  1. First Name.
  2. Last Name.
  3. Country.
  4. Address.
  5. City.
  6. State
  7. Zip Code.
  8. Phone.

Where to buy Youthful Brain

Once you have done this step, you need to provide the company with your payment credentials. Here you need to indicate your credit card number, type, CVV, date of expiry. The next step is to write your email address.

The price of one bottle if 64.95 USD. The company covers all shipping costs. It is to mention that there some bonuses and discounts that you can benefit from when buying more than one bottle per time. You can learn more about them when visiting the official website.

Youthful Brain testimonials

What do other users think about this product? We have carefully studied many testimonials and reviews on different independent websites. The users think that this supplement is effective even for aged persons. It supports mental activity, cognitive functions, and prevents brain aging. Almost all reviews are positive indicating that the supplement is working.


Youthful Brain is an innovative supplement designed to support mental energy and activity throughout the whole life. This product is best for all ages even for elder persons who have already some signs of decreasing mental activity.

Youthful Brain













  • Youthful Brain supports your mental health and boosts energy
  • The supplement prevents brain aging providing the brain with the necessary level of blood flow
  • It is based on natural ingredients which makes Youthful Brain the safest supplement ever
  • The supplement is based on a unique formulation developed by the scientists


  • There is no immediate effect, you need to take it for some time to see the results
  • You never know how much bottles you need to buy to see the positive effect

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    Many people pay attention to their shape and hair, but for me, a very important aspect is a mental activity. I’m really willing to invest in keeping my brain functioning at a high level, but only if it’s effective. I tried different supplements but they did not bring results. The promises of the manufacturers of Youthful Brain look encouraging. What is this supplement capable of?

    1. High mental activity is in the first place for many modern people.
      That is why the creators of Youthful Brain set out to create an effective supplement that will help support the mental activity of a person. And they did it as the reviews show.
      The supplement helps to increase mental abilities and overall energy levels. But you should clearly understand that it will take time for you to notice the effect of taking the supplement. Improvements are apparent only in the long run.

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