Useful nutrient from Berberine

This article has everything about berberine: instructions for the use of this substance, indications for use and prices for dietary Supplements with it. Nature is man’s best healer. But you need to know how to use her gifts.

What is it

Berberine is a relatively new name. Previously, it was called (and sometimes continue to do so) amaizing and xanthocarpum. This alkaloid is one of the most common in the world of flora.

Interesting: the element Formula looks like this: C20H17NO4.

It is extracted from barberry. But this is not the only plant where it is contained: the element is a lot in magnesium, turmeric, for example.

This substance was used as a medicine in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda many years ago. Today, its effectiveness has been proven by research.

How it works

Xanthocrypt has a number of the following properties:

Antibacterial. This action is expressed even in relation to such aggressive bacteria as Staphylococcus aureus (this is proved by the study, the results of which are here). Most often, berberine hydrochloride is used for these purposes.
Anti-inflammatory. Many diseases occur with inflammation. For example, heart problems. Jamaican treats them, removes swelling, which reduces the risk of pathologies.

Useful nutrient from Berberine
Cholesterol control. Berberine supplements reduce the level of bad cholesterol, and maintain good cholesterol within the normal range. It also reduces the risk of heart disease.
Control of blood sugar levels. Because the alkaloid is often taken with diabetes, with insulin resistance caused by this problem. It is important that such a patient often suffers from kidney and liver, which is why not all medications are allowed. Xanthocarpa is allowed — it reduces the glucose, and treats complications caused by diabetes. About the study of this effect-here.
Nootropic. It is proved that this alkaloid accelerates blood flow (which is very useful for the heart, see article), increases brain activity. This improves memory and concentration.
Antioxidant. Free radicals, accumulating in cells, begin to change proteins, fats, and cellular DNA. Therefore, it is important to neutralize these pathogenic components. Berberine will help here – a strong antioxidant. It protects cells from oxidative destruction. The alkaloid actively prevents neurodegeneration, which leads to Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. It also functions as a hepatoprotector.

Antidepressant. While taking berberine chloride, these patients had increased levels of the hormones dopamine, serotonin, and norepinephrine. This affected the psychoemotional state of the subjects – they became calmer, less impulsive. In addition, their cognitive brain functions have improved due to the fact that these hormones are neurotransmitters, that is, substances that improve the transmission of impulse through neurons. Reduced stress levels also played a role.
Appetite control. After taking berberine dietary Supplements, the feeling of hunger is blunted, so you want to eat less often. In addition, the substance inhibits the growth of adipose tissue, which is why excess weight grows more slowly.
Antiparasitic. Berberine supplements work particularly well in combination with pyrimethamine against malaria. This study showed that this combination produced improvements faster than others.
Controlled pressure. According to the meta-analysis, amaizin in combination with antihypertensive medication gave better results than only one drug.

Berberine has an important difference: it does not affect one system of the body, but it is evenly distributed among all the existing problems.


Because of this action, the use of berberine is prescribed in the following cases:

  • For type 2 diabetes (about the effectiveness study-here);
  • For diseases of the cardiovascular system, or at the risk of their occurrence;
  • To reduce cholesterol;
  • With memory impairment, impaired attention;
  • For support with age-related decreased brain activity;
  • To prevent problems with the brain;
  • For weight loss;
  • In the prevention and treatment of liver problems;
  • For the treatment of gastric disorders;
  • With polycystic ovarian syndrome (since patients often have hypertension, excess weight, diabetes, and high cholesterol along with it);
  • As part of maintenance therapy for Alzheimer’s disease.

Side effect

Some Jamaican is not strongly pronounced side effects: bloating, indigestion or constipation. Most often, this is due to an individual reaction to the substance, and you need to reduce its dosage.

For all its benefits, xanthocarpa also has its contraindications. This is a strong alkaloid with an active effect on the body, and therefore you can not drink it at random. In particular, reception is prohibited in combination with the following elements:

  1. Warfarin;
  2. Thiopental;
  3. Tolbutamide;
  4. Cyclosporine;
  5. And others.


If You are undergoing therapy for diabetes amazina not combine it with other drugs. In combination with any other drug, the alkaloid can reduce glucose levels to critically dangerous levels.

A strict contraindication to the use of – the following cases:

  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding.;
  • Age up to 10 years at least (in young children, the substance can cause damage to brain cells);
  • Allergic reaction (rash, deterioration of health, acute stomach pain).

The scheme of reception and dosage

Berberine disulfate is mainly used for treatment. Its daily dose is 300-1500 mg per day. Note that the dose of the drug more than 500 mg at a time can not be drunk, since its action will be too active, which can harm the gastrointestinal tract. For the same reason, the best time to take the pill is immediately after lunch, when there is heavy food in the stomach. This will help reduce the risk of adverse or allergic reactions.Useful nutrient from Berberine

Only a doctor can properly combine an alkaloid with medications. Therefore, contact him for a recipe.

If you are interested in how to use berberine, the instructions for use will help you. All brands use different dosages, so it is impossible to determine the portion of dietary Supplements themselves at once.
Doctors ‘ opinions

The unique properties of this element have long come to the attention of experts. Reviews of doctors on berberine agree that it was not for nothing that it was used (and continues to be used) in traditional Chinese medicine. Currently, they are investigating the effect of the substance for the treatment and prevention of cancer (data-here). It is too early to prescribe it in this case, but, according to the forecasts of the testers, the result is encouraging that it will soon be possible to do so.

But at the same time, according to the doctors, neurolyme use amaizin very dangerous. They warn you to use too large doses-possible intoxication of the body, with lesions of the stomach and intestines, liver, brain. As funds xanthocarpum in the composition is active, the risk of Allergy is also high. To avoid negative consequences, experts give the following recommendations on how to take berberine:

On the first day, drink a minimum dose of 300 mg. Monitor your condition for several hours.
If there is no deterioration, the next day take two such doses (if it is not beyond the scope of Your scheme) – in the morning, after a heavy Breakfast and at lunch. Observe how you feel.
If you feel well, drink the remedy as prescribed by your doctor.

Please note: the Body processes yamaicin for only a few hours, then the products of its decomposition are removed from the body. Therefore, if you took the pill in the morning, and only got sick at night, it is most likely a reaction to something else.

What customers think

According to customer reviews, berberine supplements work as follows:

  • For a month, well reduce the level of sugar (visible from blood tests; it is better to combine with silymarin);
  • The heaviness in the right hypochondrium goes away (after a few weeks);
  • There is more energy, physical activity is easier to bear;
  • It is easier to lose weight (provided that the diet and movement are observed);
  • Cholesterol decreases faster (if you follow the diet together with the intake);
  • Blood counts improve (after a month);
  • Leaves impulsivity, irritability (there is improvement after a couple of weeks);
  • The problem of constipation and stomach disorders is solved (if there is no side effect);
  • Reduces appetite (does not completely replace food);
  • Improves memory and attention (with regular intake).

Frequent question

If you have a question about an alkaloid, you will probably find the answer below.Useful nutrient from Berberine

What are the analogues of berberine?

If you are, for example, allergic to berberine sulfate, you can use one of the following analogues:

  1. Milk Thistle, dandelion root, artichoke-as a hepatoprotector;
  2. Metformin – to reduce the level of sugar (although it is usually xanthocarpa called a natural analogue to Metformin);
  3. Psyllium seed husk – for digestive problems.

Look for a replacement drug based on the purpose of treatment. Please note that each analog has its own rules of acceptance, and they will have to be taken into account.

Which is better – it or Metformin?

Patients diagnosed with diabetes are most often prescribed Metformin to control their sugar levels. However, you can instead drink herbal Jamaican. The effect of these substances has been studied, and it has been concluded that they lower glucose equally effectively. But xanthocarpa additional impact on cholesterol levels. However, at the same time, only Metformin has been fully investigated. The second alkaloid has not yet been studied in as much detail, and conflicts with many medications. Therefore, I recommend not choosing the best medicine, but trusting your doctor. He will prescribe what will be most effective in a particular case.

How to drink berberine with chromium? Can they be combined?

You can, they don’t conflict. This complex is assigned to those who lose weight or maintain shape. Chromium reduces cravings for sweets, and the alkaloid reduces hunger and sugar levels, slows down the growth of adipocytes-fat cells. This prevents breakdowns on the wrong, unhealthy food, slows down the growth of fat deposits.

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