The amino acid taurine or L-Taurine

Before taking taurine, amino acids to achieve the desired effect:

e, creatine, a relatively little-known substance is taurine. The amino acid taurine affects the energy balance in the body and is undeservedly rare in use. It is completely in vain that taurine is neglected in bodybuilding, since its effect is not inferior to a number of other supplements.

Taurine — what is it? p>Some athletes even know what taurine is and its type of effect on the body.

Taurine is acid, which is found in low concentrations in animal and human tissues. It is noteworthy that such a substance as taurine is contained in bile, which is where it was first detected.

Taurine is found in energy drinks and is often included in supplements for sports use. In some cases, it is used as a medicine with the trade name “Taufon”.

The amino acid taurine or L-Taurine

Today, the influence of the substance is still being studied, and it has recently been established how taurine affects brain function. Here it is classified as a neurotransmitter amino acid, which reduces the speed of synaptic transmission, has an anticonvulsant effect and cardiotropic effect.


Taurine is useful for humans due to:

  • participation in energy release processes;
  • stimulation of reparative functions in case of detection of dystrophy of various Genesis;
  • restoration of metabolism, especially in places where damage to the visual apparatus was previously caused;
  • in the composition of taurine, there is sulfur, which allows you to influence the restoration of cell membranes;
  • improves the course of metabolic processes.
  • Along with glutamine and creatine it is part of the diet of professional and novice athletes

    The amino acid taurine is a powerful stimulant for the entire body.


    Is taurine harmful?

    taken incorrectly, some uncomfortable effects may occur, but in medical and sports practice, this effect is almost not found. The importance of the effect of amino acids on the body is due to the need to maintain a healthy metabolism.

    Another argument for considering whether the drug is harmful is the natural origin of the substance. It is released during the exchange of amino acids containing sulfur. It is important to balance the intake of a substance like taurine from the outside due to insufficient synthesis in the body.

    Taurine is not only not harmful, but also useful, since in the event of a deficit, a number of negative reactions of the body appear:

    1. if you lose 50% of the taurine in the retina, the consequences begin, which lead to irreversible blindness;
    2. if the heart contains a smaller amount of amino acids, cardiomyopathy can develop;
    3. especially dangerous is the loss of taurine by white blood cells, which leads to a pathology of interaction with the endothelium, an increase in the number of inflammatory processes and a sharp decrease in immunity.

    It is established that taurine as an amino acid has an important influence in carbohydrate and fat metabolism. Metabolism is highly dependent on the amount of substance, since taurine cannot be replaced by another amino acid.
    This amino acid is perfectly soluble in any liquid and is able to restore the normal functioning of almost all organs

    The benefits of taurine are not in doubt


    Taurine in bodybuilding

    distinctive feature is the absence of toxic effects when used, and the component blocks the negative effects of some other drugs and xenobiotics. Thanks to the perfect system for transporting taurine to organs and cells, overdose in the muscles never occurred. The information was confirmed in the course of research on athletes. For 7 days, the body received a 13-fold excess of the daily norm of taurine, and in the muscle tissues at rest and tension, there is no change in concentration.

    Harm and benefit from the influence of taurine on the athlete’s body:

    • protects muscle tissue from dystrophic changes. The substance eliminates dystrophy due to taking “Dexamethasone”.
    • When the cell culture is introduced, no changes are observed, this indicates the absence of hypotrophic influence;
    • regeneration abilities from taurine are significantly improved, and when it is deficient, the muscles recover for a long time;
    • it has a protective effect when playing sports. After use in the nutrition complex, the level of DNA oxidation decreases, but an increase in load tolerance is achieved;
    • taurine after injury is prone to some increase in the body due to the release of damaged cells, but gradually the concentration decreases. Doctors recommend taking an amino acid to overcome an ischemic condition. The substance prevents a destructive effect on the liver cells and the immune system;
    • increased acidity in the stomach is the only potential harm of taurine, which is dangerous for patients with stomach and bile duct diseases.

    Faster delivery of glucose to muscle fibers, which accelerates their growth and recovery


    Relieves fatigue, which is very important after grueling workouts

    sports, taurine is used in powder. It is used due to a number of positive effects on the body:

    1. eliminates the feeling of fatigue, especially important after heavy training;
    2. promotes rapid transport of glucose to the muscles, it increases growth and promotes recovery;
    3. increases the amount of blood. The volume of blood in the vessels contributes to better absorption of carbohydrates and high-quality nutrition of the muscles. The effect occurs during rest. It is recommended that before taking taurine, specify the expected number of repetitions in the approaches, this will allow you to notice the positive dynamics of increasing strength;
    4. prevents disruption of blood transport and the onset of muscle cramps after lifting a large weight;
    5. increases the appearance of enzymes in the muscles, they affect the release of energy and the oxidation of fat compounds.


    Taurine: instructions for use

    ere are several options for how to take taurine correctly. Depending on the time of reception, the expected effect differs:
    Taking “during” is good for effectively fighting fatigue, increasing endurance and strength

    The “before” method is necessary to increase the overall concentration before implementing any important tasks

    before loading, it contributes to the accumulation of free amino acids, which will be delivered to the right place at the time of need. It is recommended to use before competitions and training;
    in the process of loading, the substance eliminates the strong onset of weakness and fatigue, it helps to increase endurance and strength indicators. Taurine improves the quality of the brain and restores concentration;
    after training, it is used to speed up the recovery process, eliminate fatigue symptoms and prevent overtraining.

    Instructions for use, reviews and usage practice allow us to conclude that there are no General rules for the use of amino acids. The selection is made depending on the goal, expected result, body condition and load level. The dose is determined by the trainer.

    In most cases, a dosage restriction of 10 g of taurine per day is used, but more often it is used up to 5 g. When using several drugs at the same time, the concentration is reduced to 3 g or less 3 times a day. It is recommended to Supplement the intake of taurine with BCAA and carnitine.

    When used to normalize the quality of life for a person who does not exercise, 2 g/day will be enough.


    Taurine in energy drinks

    e question-whether taurine is harmful-sometimes originates from its use in energy, but the negative impact is not established. It is used in energy drinks at a concentration of 200-400 mg per 100 ml of liquid. There is no physical effect from such a low dose. Previously, it was assumed that the component increases the effect of caffeine and other stimulants, but subsequent research has disproved the theory.
    Taurine contributes to the effective production of growth hormone, which allows you to reliably protect your muscles from injuries and overtraining
    Taking “after” is good for restoring the body, relieving fatigue and symptoms of overtraining


    Indications for use

    efore taking taurine, amino acids to achieve the desired effect:
    • in General:
    • severe mental or physical stress;
    • negative atmospheric conditions in the region;
    • maintaining an active lifestyle;
    • losing weight.
    • psychological factor:
    • stress States and their consequences in the form of chronic illnesses;
    • frequent nervous overstrain: nervousness, aggression, mood changes;
    • slight attraction to the opposite sex;
    • difficulties with concentration, loss of attention.

    nervous disorders:

    • sleep mode deviations;
    • high pressure inside the eyes or skull, as well as frequent convulsions;
    • excessive irritability.

    from the cardiovascular system:

    • ensuring heart protection and improving the quality of functioning;
    • treatment of arrhythmia;
    • the restoration of blood pressure;
    • preventing the formation of blood clots.The amino acid taurine or L-Taurine

    Taurine has a protective effect on the brain, especially during dehydration

    Taurine prevents the removal of potassium from the heart muscle and therefore contributes to the prevention of certain heart rhythm disorders from the gastrointestinal tract:

    • preventive measures for the gallbladder;
    • poor appetite;
    • increasing the quality of complex fat breakdown.

    from the lungs:

    • protection from harmful effects of the atmosphere;
    • increasing the amount of oxygen absorbed;
    • improvement in the condition of asthmatics.

    from the endocrine system:

    The most Important condition for the safe use of the Supplement is the purchase of a quality product and the correct selection of doses. The effect after use should be noticeable, otherwise it is worth changing the dosage.

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      1. Hi,Vida King! Taurine normalizes your immune function. Taurine is involved in the body’s inflammatory responses and is essential for the protection of blood cells. In addition, our leukocytes contain taurine in large quantities, and it protects them from self-destruction when our body fights foreign microorganisms. When lacking this amino acid, the activity of blood leukocytes often degrades greatly weakening the immune system.

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