Sleep Guard Plus Reviews: Healthy Microbiota = Deep Sleep?

Our ancestors fell asleep at nightfall and woke up at dawn. Our organism at the genetic level is still guided by a similar schedule in many processes. And Sleep Guard Plus is meant to help in biorhythm restoration.

Circadian rhythms (or biorhythms) are natural cycles of physical, mental, and behavioral changes in the organism that occurs daily. Interruptions in sleep/wake cycles, such as work shifts or bedtime eating habits, disrupt digestion, metabolic processes, and even affect your appetite. Sleep deprivation negatively affects the microflora of the bowels and can lead to dysbacteriosis (bacterial imbalance).
Moreover, the organism works on the bell, including the secreting of hormonal factors connected with sleep and appetite. Violation of sleep and nutrition alters the production of hormonal factors, thereby impairing metabolic performance. And in the long run, it results in overweight, type-II diabetes, and impaired appetite control.

Sleep Guard Plus Reviews: Healthy Microbiota = Deep Sleep?

Recent scientific research has demonstrated that healthy microbiota assists in promoting mental health, relieving anxiety, and treating hypochondria. Conversely, people with these conditions often have an imbalance of gut bacteria.
The correlation between sleep schedule and hypochondria is also known. A person who lacks sleep is more prone to irritation, mood swings, and stress rise. The relationship is two-way: hyposomnia can cause depressive behaviors and vice versa.
Scientists suggest that probiotics, products and supplements that contain beneficial bacteria or at least components for maintaining microbiota balance may be good for mental wellness. They are considered to effectively ease anxiety and hypochondria, as well as increase resilience to stressful situations that may affect sleep quality. That’s what the Sleep Guard Plus concept is all about!

Sleep Guard Plus: Main Info table width="516">



Sleep Guard Plus

d> Product Type Dietary Supplement Health Category Sleep support, Metabolism support Method of Administration Oral Pharmaceutical form and presentation Gelatin-covered capsules Quantity per Bottle 60 capsules Duration of use 60-90 days minimum Dosing 2 capsules on a regular basis Possible Adverse Effects N/A Age Restrictions 18+

The Way of Action

SleepGuardPlus is created to promote the secreting of enzymes and hormonal factors necessary for deep and sound sleep and healthy digestion. They include 5-hydroxytryptamine, melatonin, and dopamine. These neurotransmitters control sleep/wake cycles and beneficially influence a person’s mental state. Also, the dietic aid is meant for improving metabolic processes and supporting stomach microbiota. The fact is gut bacteria take part in the endocrine profile management, appetite control, and the prevention of mood swings, anxious disorder, and hypochondria. In general, Sleep Guard Plus provides the following effects:

  • It enhances digestion.
  • The organic supplement prevents the build-up of bad bacteria.
  • SleepGuardPlus promotes metabolism.
  • It controls the secreting of hormonal factors and neuromediators.
  • The dietary product controls appetite.
  • It may prevent fat accumulation.
  • SleepGuardPlus normalizes biorhythms.
  • The dietary aid restores energy levels.
  • It elevates mood, reduces stress, addresses anxious disorder and hypochondria.


Sleep Guard Plus: Main Components

e supplement’s admixture is fully organic and secure to consume. The potent mix is based on:



td width="469">The value of this substance for the human body can’t be overestimated. It’s effectual in the treatment of hyposomnia, anxious disorders, and depression. Its reception will help to normalize the rhythms of sleep. The amino acid will also be useful if you need to relieve premenstrual syndrome. Taking tryptophan makes it much easier to quit smoking. Even athletes are encouraged to take it to improve their performance.
An amino acid is extremely important for normal human life, because if it is not there, the production of vitamin B3 will be completely stopped, this also applies to the so-called happiness hormone – serotonin. And without it, as you know, the normal functioning of the cerebrum and the nervous system as a whole is impossible. In general, a lack of tryptophan is highly undesirable, since without it the quality of sleep worsens, malfunctions in the intestines appear, there is a risk of developing various inflammations and the level of the shared threshold changes.
Tryptophan is no less important in the fight against migraines, helps to cope with hyperactivity in children, reduces stress, and assists in losing weight. Other functions of the substance:

  • it activates growth hormone;
  • it reduces stress, minimizes its consequences on the heart;
  • the substance protects the body from the effects of nicotine;
  • it prevents relapses in bulimia.

B6 (pyrido

B6 (pyridoxine)

th="469">It takes part in many metabolic processes, regulates protein metabolism, participates in the synthesis of hemoglobin, glucose, and is responsible for maintaining a normal level of homocysteine.
B6 is one of the main neurotropic vitamins that affect the work of the central and peripheral nervous systems. For the elderly, the vitamin is a real protector. It prevents night cramps, muscle spasms, numbness of hands and feet. In diabetics, pyridoxine lowers the amount of sugar in the blood. This substance is used to prevent cardiovascular risks and the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

Goji fruit

Goji fruit

th="469">Goji berries are full of antioxidants and amino acids. The product contains vitamins of group B, which have a positive effect on the recovery processes in the body, especially the CNS. Often, they are recommended to athletes in the recovery period, after illness and with weakened immunity.



th="469">This plant has hypnogenetic and sedative properties. It is one of the few sedative adaptogens that are used for anxiety disorders, insomnia, and mild obsessive-compulsive syndrome. The component is also suitable for improving the functioning of the excitatory system.

Posology a

Posology and Administration

Plus has an oral administration route. The advised daily dose is 2 capsules. They should be taken regularly with a glass of water. The supplement’s effect is accumulative, therefore, if you miss intakes, you’ll have to wait for the results longer.

The average intake duration is 2-3 months. Most consumers note positive changes within this period. Yet, the manufacturer recommends taking Sleep Guard Plus for half a year to ensure long-lasting effects.


SleepGuardPlus: Where to Find?

us can be purchased online only! By following the link, you’ll find out more about the manufacturer and can place your order.

Current PricingCurrent Pricing

is usually sold at the price of $99 a bottle. But to date, the producing company offers lucrative discounts:

Current Pricing Sleep Guard Plus

  • one bottle – $69
  • three bottles – $59 a unit
  • six bottles – $49 a unit

The delivery is free of charge and is usually done within a week. International shipping is also an option and takes about 2 weeks. Sure, it’s charged separately and is provided for a limited number of countries. The full list of available shipping destinations can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

Another plus is that the supplement comes with a full refund guarantee. It’s good for 60 days upon the delivery date. Just contact the Sleep Guard Plus support team if you have any issues with the product.

Sleep Guard Plus: Any R

Sleep Guard Plus: Any Restrictions?

meant for underage users. Patients should be of legal age (18+) to take the supplement. In addition, there is no adequate data regarding the product’s impact on mothers-to-be and breastfeeding females.

Possible Adverse Effects<

Possible Adverse Effects

Sleep Guard Plus doesn’t cause any adverse reactions. If taken properly, it acts gently on the overall health. Therefore, strictly follow all the manufacturer’s recommendations on use. Don’t overdose!

Sleep Guard Plus: Consumers’ Co

Sleep Guard Plus: Consumers’ Comments

g with poor sleep all my life; my peculiarity is to wake up in the middle of the night and not fall asleep anymore (even though I want to sleep). Sleep Guard Plus helped me a lot! I take 1 capsule before bed and 1 – in the morning. I wake up in the middle of the night less often.

Alaya Navarro

This dietary product contains L-tryptophan, an amino acid from which the body synthesizes serotonin and the sleep hormone. If you intend to feel good, take the supplement in the morning. And if you want to sleep well, use Sleep Guard Plus 3-4 hours before bedtime. Two capsules help me sleep well. Sometimes, I administer 1 tablet, because 2 pcs can be too much.

Callum Ballard

I’ll try to be brief. So, after a week of use, SleepGuardPlus seemed to be a really worthy supplement. I have had the obsessive-compulsive disorder for eight years. The results that I got: 1. Anxiety is really gone. No pharmaceutical has ever acted so naturally and easily. I just feel good, my pulse is even, my blood pressure is normal, and my mood is good. 2. Smooth emotional background. Even when there is reason to be nervous, I remain calm. 3. Better focus. It became easier to concentrate and work. Extraneous noises are not distracting, everything seems to be somehow calmer. 4. Clarity of thoughts. The clarity of thinking has improved, some randomness, fuss, and haste have gone. 5. Deeper sleep. The supplement stimulates the production of melatonin at night. The transition to sleep is soft. The next morning, my head is clear and fresh, waking up is easy and pleasant.

Rosanna Kane

This is the only natural supplement with no weird adverse effects that allows me to sleep like a normal person. I took 5-HTP for a while until I read that it is safer to take tryptophan (the main component of SleepGuardPlus) and convert it in the body to 5-HTP. Also, my mood has improved. Recommend!

Cerys Goff

I’ve never slept as soundly as after this supplement. I wake up in the morning without being tired. My mind is clear. 5 out of 5!

Rebeca Crane

Sleep Guard Plus improved my sleep patterns and boosted my metabolism. Before, I often suffered from indigestion, difficulty sleeping, night cravings for food, etc. Now, everything is fine!

Sadia Best


Improving sleep hyg


tion, walking in the fresh air, and eliminating factors that interfere with sleep are leaders in recommendations for improving sleep. It is not often that this list includes taking care of the intestines, although it directly affects how well you sleep. Scientific evidence confirms that the more diverse the composition of the microbiota, the better the quality of sleep. Some bacteria even affect your abstract thinking and cognitive abilities.
In addition, improving gut microbiota also helps to improve well-being, mood, and how long and soundly you sleep. That’s what SleepGuardPlus is created for!


  • It enhances digestion.


    organic supplement prevents the build-up of bad bacteria.
  • Sleep Guard Plus promotes metabolism.
  • It controls the production of hormonal factors and neuromediators.
  • The product controls appetite.
  • It may prevent fat accumulation.
  • Sleep Guard Plus normalizes biorhythms.
  • The dietary aid restores energy levels.
  • It elevates mood, reduces stress, addresses anxious disorder and hypochondria.
  • It’s sold in 3 pack options. Bigger orders are provided with discounts.


  • Sleep Guard Plus is sold


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