Silica colloidal anhydrous (colloidal silicium dioxide)

Among the chemicals that are used in completely different production areas, it is worth noting silica. This compound occurs in several forms. For example, colloidal silica is used in the manufacture of medicines, cosmetics, and food products.

Chemical name and properties

Silicon dioxide has many names. These are plastic compounds consisting of transparent crystals. In their natural environment, they are represented by such minerals as agate, rock crystal, pure quartz, chalcedony, amethyst, Topaz.

At higher temperatures, crystalline substances in coesite and stishovite connection included in the chemical composition of the earth’s crust and mantle. Silicon oxides are present in the lithosphere and human blood plasma with a concentration of about 0.001%.

The most famous type of silicon dioxide is quartz glass, which can be melted at a temperature of at least 1610°C. In addition to colloidal and crystalline, a group of amorphous silicon compounds is often found in nature. We are talking about sediments from the simplest of remains of fauna and flora of the seabed (ciliates, diatoms, Radiolaria).Silica colloidal anhydrous (colloidal silicium dioxide)

Silicon dioxide colloidal-a complex structure of high hardness, resistant to the influence of most simple acids and oxygen atoms. Silicas do not dissolve in water and have dielectric properties, but they can change their density when interacting with alkalis. These are refractory and solid colorless crystals that are not conductors of electric charge. Silica colloidal anhydrous (colloidal silicium dioxide). What is it, harm, benefit, instructions for use

Unlike other forms, colloidal silicon dioxide belongs to the hydroxyl group of substances. This element attracts microscopic pathogens and their products, allergens, and toxins. When using silicon dioxide as an oral medicine, the natural digestive processes are not disturbed, and the intestinal flora remains unchanged.

This substance is included in the composition of various medicines due to a whole complex of physical and chemical properties:

  • insoluble in water;
  • interacts with hydrofluoric acid;
  • it is an adsorbent.

Silicon dioxide is not able to be absorbed into the bloodstream. This element leaves the body with feces and urine in the same form as it originally entered the gastrointestinal tract.
Features of the sale

In the pharmaceutical industry, colloidal silicon dioxide is produced as an enterosorbent.

Silica colloidal anhydrous (colloidal silicium dioxide). What is it, harm, benefit, instructions for use

In addition to the silicon dioxide in the composition of these sorbents is used succinic acid. Drugs are prescribed to patients for internal use or external use. These dietary Supplements are sold without prescriptions in stationary pharmacies or in online pharmacies.

According to research, silicon dioxide passes through all parts of the gastrointestinal tract and is not subjected to acid-base deformation. The substance is removed from the body without any residue in its original form.

Interestingly, the sorbing properties of colloidal dioxide were not immediately identified by scientists. The main advantage of the compound was considered to be its ability to prevent the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

To do this, according to the researchers, it was enough for older people to regularly drink water with an increased content of this trace element. Later, high sorption qualities of silicon dioxide were detected in relation to toxins, poisons, medicinal substances, protein products, enzymes, antibodies, and pathogenic microorganisms.
In therapeutic practice, silicon dioxide is used to reduce gas formation in the intestines. Its external use allows you to prevent the development of necrotic processes, reject non-viable tissues and start the healing process on the affected areas of the epidermis.

Silicium dioxide colloidal is porous, so it works as a sorbent

Although the substance is generally considered safe for the body, its ability to irritate the respiratory tract should be taken into account. With individual immunity, silicon can cause constipation.
Areas of use

Colloidal silicon dioxide is a substance that acquires additional properties during oxidation, which allows it to be used as an emulsifier. This substance prevents the clumping of food ingredients and non-food materials with a crumbly structure.

The chemical compound is currently used in numerous fields and industries, including:

  • chemical industry (for example, production of cosmetics, household chemicals);
  • food industry;
  • manufacturing of medicines;
  • production of ceramic, glass, and concrete products.

Amorphous and crystalline silicon often serves as a filler in the manufacture of rubber, refractories, and the product of oxidation of colloidal substances are dioxides that have found their application in microelectronics, chromatography, radio engineering, and ultrasonic installations. The same substance is used in the production of fiber-optic equipment.

For cosmetic purposes

First of all, the component has found application in the production of products for oral hygiene. They are often replaced by cheap unsafe abrasives for enamel bleaching. In contrast, colloidal silicon does not harm the surface of the teeth and effectively copes with changing its hue.

In the production of toothpastes, silicon compounds began to be used about 50 years ago as safe abrasive systems. Such chemical complexes are highly compatible with fluorides, calcium and phosphate dihydrates, which is especially important for creating a product with a wide range of cosmetic properties.

Silicon dioxide provides a normal pH level in the oral cavity, so toothpastes that contain this substance are recommended for people with impaired acid-base balance.

It is easy to explain the presence of silicon compounds in cosmetics for skin care of the face and body by their following properties:

  1. visually align the tone of the epidermis, smoothing out small defects;
  2. they absorb moisture and retain it;
  3. control the release of skin fat, giving the epidermis a matte finish;
  4. give tonal products, talc slip;
  5. they help to preserve makeup on the face for a long time due to their absorbent properties;
  6. perform the role of an abrasive, cleaning the tissue from dead particles.

The matting and toning effect of silicon dioxide allows manufacturers to include this substance in the composition of various creams, lotions, powders for owners of oily skin types. Thanks to such cosmetics, small relief defects are smoothed out, and shallow wrinkles are eliminated.

In addition, it is worth noting the pronounced peeling effect produced by cosmetics based on this component-it is evidenced by a lot of user reviews.


Silicon dioxide colloidal-an emulsifier E551, often used in the food industry to enhance flavor and taste. The presence of this substance in the composition of products does not affect their color characteristics. Silicon dioxide provides fluidity and fluidity of powders, preventing the formation of lumps, foam.

The E551 Supplement is often found in products such as:

  1. crystal sugar;
  2. dried cream;
  3. corn or potato starch;
  4. dry egg powder;
  5. pasteurized milk;
  6. table salt;
  7. wheat flour;
  8. spices.

Colloidal type of silicon is present in the composition of chips and other snacks, instant coffee. The substance helps to increase the flowability of products, does not allow the formation of lumps.

Silicon dioxide is also added to some alcoholic beverages to reduce the intensity of foaming (sparkling wines, champagne, beer), stabilize the level of acidity and neutralize excess alkalis. In addition, in the composition of beer E551 is used as an absorbent that contributes to the clarification and better aging of the Hoppy drink.

The E551 additive is found in products that require the use of additional anticoagulants and thickeners. These include dairy and fermented milk products, and hard cheeses. Silicon dioxide allows you to achieve an ideal structure and preserve it throughout the entire shelf life.

Without colloidal silicon compounds, confectionery production is extremely rare. Emulsifier E551 is used in the composition of glazes, mastics and creams, with the exception of chocolate. Silicon food additive plays an important role in increasing the shelf life of such products. As a stabilizer, it provides freshness and optimal consistency of the product.

For medical purposes

Colloidal silica, which is present in the composition of medicines, is sold under the above names in conventional and online pharmacies.

Indications for the use of medicines based on silicon dioxide are:

  • food poisoning;
  • intestinal infection;
  • inflammatory diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissues, accompanied by a purulent process;
  • intoxication with toxic chemicals;
  • alcohol withdrawal.

In medical practice, colloidal non-porous dioxide is used, which is a loose, crumbly, odorless bluish powder. When combined with water, silicon passes into the form of a suspension and is subsequently used as an enterosorbent. The drug is taken orally with water.

Colloidal silicon dioxide is often used in another way-external. This treatment is effective against phlegmons, abscesses, mastitis, purulent wounds, as is to disinfect affected areas, absorption of damaged tissue toxic and allergic substances, pathogens and hazardous products of metabolism. Silica colloidal anhydrous (colloidal silicium dioxide). What is it, harm, benefit, instructions for use

It is also worth noting that silicon dioxide contributes to the rapid elimination of heavy metal salts, radionuclides, excess and harmful cholesterol, and ethanol degradation products from the body. In this case, the substance does not change the composition of the intestinal microflora, does not interfere with the ongoing processes of digestion in the gastrointestinal tract.

Pros and cons

Silicon dioxide is used not only for treatment, but also to prevent various pathologies. Periodic intake of the absorbent for preventive purposes can strengthen the immune system by increasing the concentration of B – and T-lymphocytes in the plasma.

In turn improving blood quality leads to a lot of other positive changes in the body:

  1. any soft tissue injuries heal faster (scratches, burns, bruises, cuts, diabetic ulcers, dermatological diseases);
  2. stabilizes the digestive system;
  3. improves the flow of bile;
  4. blood sugar and cholesterol levels are normalized;
  5. the rhythmicity and intensity of metabolic processes are restored;
  6. increases the strength and elasticity of blood vessels;
  7. improves the functionality of the thyroid and kidneys;
  8. blood pressure indicators become stable.

According to some experts, colloidal silicon dioxide has bactericidal characteristics. In patients who took the absorbent in consultation with their doctor, the condition of the skin, hair, nails, and oral cavity improved after some time.Silica colloidal anhydrous (colloidal silicium dioxide)

At the same time, it is not recommended for patients to resort to methods of cleansing the body using preparations based on silicon dioxide:

  • with confirmed neoplasms;
  • with cardiovascular diseases;
  • with an allergic reaction to silicon or its derivatives.

Silicon dioxide colloidal-this is the chemical element that brings great benefits to the human body, but if used incorrectly can cause serious complications in the respiratory system.

Is there a danger?

To date, there is no accurate data on the effects of silicon dioxide on the human body, but scientists have repeatedly come to the conclusion about the relative safety of this substance.

When used correctly, silica is not able to harm health. Confirmation of this fact is the lack of its ability to be absorbed into the bloodstream, despite the fact that silicon dioxide in its pure form is present in the blood plasma and lymphatic tissue.

A useful property of silicon is its ability to extinguish foam, so it is often used as part of drugs designed to combat bloating. If you use a colloidal version of this component together with water, its absorbing properties become more pronounced.

In this regard, preparations-absorbents based on silicon dioxide are used in the form of suspensions, the preparation of which requires regular drinking water.

German physiologists were able to prove that colloidal silicones are useful for humans, because they prevent and prevent the deposition of atherosclerotic plaques on blood vessels, strengthen and clean them, and give them more elasticity.

Also, the benefits of silicon are as follows: periodic administration of drugs based on this trace element helps to minimize the risks of developing Alzheimer’s disease. At the same time, this statement is only a partially justified hypothesis, which does not yet have scientific evidence.

Colloidal silicon dioxide in combination with other chemical elements can be dangerous for the body. This substance can cause serious respiratory damage and provoke severe allergic reactions, accompanied by edema and bronchospasm.

Thus, silicon dioxide can only cause damage to health if it enters the lungs, for example, when inhaling dust crystals. This harmful factor is present exclusively in the industrial industry for the extraction of quartz and processing of amorphous or crystalline silica.

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