Over 30 Hormone Support Reviews: What’s Its Aim?

Over 30 Hormone is supposed to help all women with the unwanted increase in weight. As a rule, problems with weight management may be influenced by diet and lifestyle specifics, genetic susceptibility, aging, childbearing, and climacteric.

As a matter of fact, hormonal imbalances are the fundamental cause of undesirable excess weight. In general, there are four main types of hormones that can affect body weight:

  • Thyroid hormonal factors (T3, T4, and calcitonin)

The pineal organ is responsible for the metabolic performance of our body. It is a small but very important organ, as an insufficient amount of the main thyroid hormones provokes hypothyroidism. One of the symptoms of this syndrome is weight gain. Note that it is not fat that adds volume to the body, but the fluid that accumulates in the tissues of the body.

Over 30 Hormone Support Review: Healthy Weight Hands Down!

  • Insulin

This hormone is produced by the pancreas. It participates in the complex process of transferring glucose into the cell and transforming it into energy, or “storage” in the form of fat. Eating large amounts of fast food, alcohol, and foods with artificial sweeteners can trigger insulin resistance. This is dangerous because it causes spikes in blood sugar, which in turn give rise to type 2 diabetes and obesity.

  • Cortisol

This hormonal factor, produced in the adrenal glands, is also called the stress hormone. It begins to actively “work” when you are in danger, anxiety, stress, or suffer from physical damage to the body. Its main task is to reduce stress levels through the release of sugar into the blood and the regulation of metabolism. Taking into account the fact that a modern person is under permanent stress, cortisol is produced regularly and is harmful to health. It provokes the deposition of visceral fat and the maturation of fat cells.

  • Progesterone

This is an important female sex hormone that affects the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Its level in a woman’s body must be balanced, otherwise depression and weight gain may begin. The decrease in progesterone levels is influenced by the use of birth control pills, stress, and menopause.

To keep all hormonal factors in a normal range, you don’t necessarily have to take chemical-based medications or several supplements at once. There is an all-in-one solution for all adult women suffering from hormone-provoked weight gain – Over 30 Hormone Support. And further, we will tell you more about this unique product!

Over 30 Hormone Support: Things to Know

Over 30 Hormone Support is a relatively new product in the naturopathic industry. This is a dietic supplement made in the form of capsules covered in gelatin. Its main aim is to support proper metabolic performance, regulate hormone production, and consequently, decrease flab accumulation. Over 30 Hormone Support is perfect for:

  • controlling appetite;
  • reducing sweet cravings;
  • enhancing metabolism;
  • preventing bowel issues;
  • normalizing the production of various hormonal factors (including leptin, estrogen, progesterone, etc.);
  • preventing fat accumulation;
  • regulating fluid balance.

What Is Combined in the Formula?

As we have mentioned earlier, Over 30 Hormone Support is a fully naturopathic product. That is, it doesn’t contain any chemicals, artificial substances, or potentially dangerous components. All the used ingredients are of organic nature.

Main Components Healthful Properties Amount per Serving

Sweet root

It manages metabolic performance, prevents bowel problems, and boosts the immune system. 150 mg

Red raspberry

The component nourishes the organism with essential vitamins and minerals and restores the endocrine profile. It’s quite often used to solve the weight gain issue. 50 mg

Trifolium pratense

It regulates the production of progesterone and estrogen (essential hormonal factors for women). Thus, it contributes to weight loss, improves mood, manages mood swings, calms the nerves, and reduces anxiety. 400 mg

Cultivated angelica

This ingredient alleviates pain and unpleasant feelings connected to PMS. 150 mg

Actaea rubra

It’s used to address hormonal disbalance, ease menopause symptoms, and alleviate menstrual pain. 160 mg

Note: We have mentioned the potent mix only. Other ingredients used in the formula are of the insufficient amount and added mainly to enhance/support the action of key components.

How Do I Know I Should Use Over 30 Hormone Support?

With almost 100% certainty, we can talk about endocrine disruption and the necessity to use Over 30 Hormone Support if:

  • The woman’s monthly period is disturbed. For example, periods do not come on time, come too often (polymenorrhea), or their duration is very long – more than 7 days (menorrhagia). Also, if menstruation does not begin within two to four months, while pregnancy is excluded, or, conversely, comes within 10-15 days after the completion of the previous one, then most likely you have a problem with hormones.
  • A woman cannot conceive a child for a long time (for more than a year).
  • A woman develops uterine bleeding that is not associated with menstruation (metrorrhagia). Such bleeding (especially profuse and prolonged) is life-threatening. They can occur irregularly, but even once is enough to see a doctor and get tested for hormonal disorders and other pathologies.

The symptoms listed above are specific. However, disruptions in the hormonal sphere do not always have such signs. Sometimes hormonal disorders manifest as nonspecific ailments and are often simply ignored. Alarming symptoms include:

  • weakness, rapid fatigability, lethargy, especially when there are no objective reasons for this;
  • frequent headaches;
  • any sleep disturbances: both insomnia and constant drowsiness;
  • decreased libido;
  • active growth of body hair (excessive hair growth);
  • drastic weight loss or, conversely, weight gain while maintaining the same lifestyle;
  • dryness of the vaginal mucosa;
  • hair loss, skin problems.

Supplement Pricing

If you intend to purchase Over 30 Hormone Support, you will have to do this through the manufacturer’s website. The supplement is rarely sold on other platforms.

Over 30 Hormone Support pricing

All the customers are offered three packaging variants:

  • a 1-bottle pack – $59
  • a 3-bottle pack – $49 each
  • a 6-bottle pack – $44 each

A huge plus is that whatever option you choose, you are guaranteed a 100% refund which is good for two months! Within 60 days, you can claim it without any additional questions from the customer support team.

Over 30 Hormone Support: How to Use

One unit of Over 30 Hormone Support lasts for exactly one month of use. It contains sixty capsules which you have to take in 2 pieces on a daily basis. The suggested dosage should be taken during or after meals with a glass of water (at least 250 ml), preferably – in the first half of the day. Such an intake will promote your metabolic activity, improve mood, and reduce food cravings.

What Do People Say About the Product?

Well, I did not expect such a result. In combination with physical activity, Over 30 Hormone Support gives quite good results. I have not experienced any consequences for the digestive tract and the body as a whole. There was a feeling that, while taking the capsules, I wanted to eat less and food seemed less attractive. I’ve lost about 20 lbs that way. Happy with the result!

Nyah O’Sullivan, 40

With Over 30 Hormone Support, I’ve definitely become calmer. No emotional rollercoaster, no hot flushes, and more importantly, no food cravings. Slowly but surely, I started to slim down.

Jasmin Robson, 50

I like that with this supplement, I don’t have to work my fingers to the bone in the gym. I’m losing weight just naturally. Besides, my blood glucose level has normalized. 5 out of 5!

Harleen Navarro, 37

I had issues with female hormones (estrogen was too low). Due to the disbalance, fat accumulated actively around my waist and on my hips. Plus, I often felt tired, anxious, and even depressed. But Over 30 Hormone Support helped me to normalize the endocrine profile and even lose some excess weight.

Ellise Davies, 36

A great dietary aid! It reduces the absorption of carbohydrates by 30%, you can use it when an overload of carbs is inevitable; the main thing is not to consider it an indulgence to eat everything you can reach. Recommend!

Lachlan Croft, 41

I take Over30HormoneSupport every day. I love sweets very much and always take this supplement when I eat sweets or pastries. It helps me not to get fat at all. Like!

Alex Hackett, 33


So, how to avoid endocrine disbalance and associated weight gain? Apart from taking Over 30 Hormone Support, specialists suggest the next:

  • Add iodized salt to your diet, foods rich in zinc, and vitamin D.
  • Avoid raw vegetables to eliminate issues with the thyroid gland.
  • Remove unhealthy food, alcohol, soda from the diet and add vegetables (preferably – cooked), herbs, seasonal fruits.
  • Make it a habit to exercise and drink plenty of water daily (at least 1.5 liters).
  • Make sure you have sources of omega-3 fatty acids on your menu.
  • It is important to sleep at least 8 hours a day, devote time to yoga, meditation, breathing exercises.
  • Try to avoid stressful situations.

We understand that such basic changes to one’s lifestyle aren’t universal: they don’t guarantee 100% positive results. Still, you can address weight gain and fat accumulation issues by simply using one natural product – Over 30 Hormone Support. The supplement has been proven to be effective against endocrine disbalance and associated weight gain in women after 30. Hundreds of females around the world have used it in practice and stayed satisfied with the effects! Let us assure you that Over 30 Hormone Support is 100% natural and absolutely safe. It’s definitely worth trying!


  • Over 30 Hormone Support is perfect for controlling appetite and easing sweet cravings.
  • The dietic product enhances metabolic mechanisms.
  • It prevents bowel problems (constipation, diarrhea, bloating).
  • It regulates the production of various hormonal factors (including leptin, estrogen, progesterone, and a few more).
  • It prevents excessive fat storage.
  • The dietary aid regulates fluid balance.
  • It improves mood and manages mood swings.
  • You are provided with a 100% refund which is good for two months.


  • The purchase of Over 30 Hormone Support is possible online only.
  • It’s designed for female consumers of 30+ years old.

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