Longevity Activator Reviews: Working Youthfulness Formula? [Shocking Info]

Eternal youth is a wonderful dream that can hardly come true: that’s what we used to believe. Human body, being an extremely complex and perfectly organized machine, is still too vulnerable and fragile. And year after year it gets more weakened, old, and helpless. Fine wrinkles, extra weight, joint pain, blood pressure issues, and worsened mental performance: all these are signs of oncoming senility. And it seems like nothing can stop or at least delay this terrible moment when one day you wake up in the morning only to realize that you are old. However, it’s not that certain. Longevity Activator supplement is a revolutionary breakthrough in modern science. Is it capable of reversing the hands of time? Go on reading to learn.

Why do our bodies age?

Each cell of the human body normally contains 46 DNA strands. They play key role in the body: they store, preserve, and transmit genetic information. Each strand is sort of protected by a cap on its ends. These caps (they are called telomeres) don’t let the strand wear out too fast.

However, each time when the cell divides, as your body grows, a tiny part of a telomere is sliced off the strand. Many years later, each strand it left without this natural protection. It is left open to stressors and soon is destroyed. That’s exactly how the aging process begins.Longevity Activator Review

There are many factors that help keep telomere healthy as long as possible. Healthy lifestyle, doing sports, and proper nutrition are among them. However, these measures are insufficient. They only reduce the damage, but not significantly.

The problem is that we all are constantly exposed to various toxins and pollutants. The air, drinking water, food products, medications, and personal care products: they are literally oozing with dangerous chemicals, more or less. You simply can’t avoid them, even if you try keeping healthy lifestyle. Besides, stress is also to blame, but how on earth can we escape from it? The only solution is to give the body protection from the inside, protection which will lessen the harmful influence.

Longevity Activator formula

The protection you need may be provided by this dietary supplement. It was created by Dr. Ryan Shelton for Zenith Labs. The company is focused on manufacturing natural health products. As Dr. Shelton highlights, he performs his research mainly in holistic and herbal medicine. His whole life is devoted to making an unsurpassed breakthrough in alternative healthcare.

This formula was specifically designed to help people stay young and healthy as long as possible. The ingredients in the supplement address the root of the aging problems. They perform natural protection for telomeres and thus DNA strand. The effectiveness of these components is backed scientifically.

How does it work?

There is a special enzyme in the human body called telomerase. This compound works a shield protecting DNA strands, telomeres in particular, from the damage caused by toxins and pollutants. According to Wikipedia, it restores telomeres and allows each bit of DNA to be replaced. When telomerase is activated, your DNA doesn’t suffer that much from stressors and this helps your body stay younger and healthier. And Longevity Activator contains the very ingredients that activate this enzyme.

To be more specific, it:

  • Boosts mental activity;
  • Protects from age-related mental decline;
  • Relieves mood disorders;
  • Promotes better heart health;
  • Reduces vision loss;
  • Works as a pain reliever.

All these issues are usually connected with the process of aging. But the benefits of the ingredients are proven by medical tests. If you take it on a regular basis, in a short time you’ll feel like a new person, younger and stronger. It’s estimated that when telomeres are supported, the aging process is slowed down by 45%.

Longevity Activator ingredients

This unique formula consists of 10 major ingredients. Unfortunately, most of them don’t grow in the USA and are delivered from Asian countries. That’s why it’s hardly possible to simply take these products and boost longevity. Besides, all of them are mixed and dosed precisely to get the best of each component.

Terminalia Chebula

This powerful extract is used to really boost telomerase activity and prolong cell life. It is widely applied in Ayurvedic medicine. It helps a person feel more energized, promotes mental function, and maintains youthfulness.


This ingredient is also applied to protect DNA telomeres. Also, it has a positive impact on your mental health and activity. Together with Terminalia chebula, it reduces stress, boosts memory and focus, and helps you feel “rebooted”.


Boosting telomere protection is not the only goal of the manufacturer. He aims to address all vital body functions. That’s why turmeric is used in the supplement production. It reduces inflammation significantly and works as a powerful pain killer. But, unlike them, it doesn’t cause addiction or unwanted adverse effects.


This natural component is present in good red wine and is very beneficial for heart and vessels health. Probably, this is the reason why French people are less prone to cardiovascular disease: they often drink excellent wine. However, alcohol consumption may turn out to be dangerous. Besides, to get the necessary amount of resveratrol, you need to drink about 25 glasses of red wine daily. Seems too much, right? That’s why you need Longevity Activator supplement: each capsule contains exactly the volume you need, without any side effects of ethanol.

Korean Ginseng

The root of this plant is used to help your cognitive performance. It promotes better focus and memory, helps perform mental tasks effortlessly. Seniors often feel uncertain when it comes to modern technologies: they learn slowly and soon forget things. But with this ingredient, you’ll feel more at ease with your notebook or smart phone.

Cistanche deserticola

This plant extract is also good for mental activity and helps your perform better than people in their 30s. Besides, it has other health effects: it improves digestions, balances hormones, and enhances sexual function.


Now, this ingredient addresses your blood health. Older people often have to deal with high blood glucose level and diabetes. Pterostilbene is a natural antioxidant used to lower blood sugar and improve insulin response.


The plant has many health benefits. But for seniors, it’s especially important to maintain healthy immune system. Viruses and bacteria are a real threat to them. Astragalus protects your immunity and reduces inflammation.


This odd-looking mushroom gives a boost to your stamina and endurance. It will keep you active and energized. Soon you’ll get out of the bed in the morning without dizziness and weakness. Maybe, you’ll even be able to enjoy your forgotten activities, like running, swimming, riding a bike and so on.


When people get older, they often come across a delicate problem of lowered libido or weak sexual performance. Ashwaganda is needed to bring back sexual desire and add some passion to your intimate life.


The supplement brings a lot of observable results, let alone inner positive changes. In a few days or weeks of a regular intake you’ll see that:

  • The number of wrinkles on your face has decreased;
  • You feel less pain and ache in joints;
  • You can move easier and feel supercharged;
  • Your cognitive function is improved;
  • You lose some pounds and your digestion is better;
  • Your mood and sleep quality are improved.

All this is possible due to a proper body protection at the cellular level.

How safe is Longevity Activator?

The manufacturer pays a lot of attention to the safety of his goods. The supplement is produced at the FDA-approved facilities. No preservatives, GMO, or dangerous chemicals are used. The product responds to the highest standards and doesn’t have side effects.

However, if you are concerned, feel free to discuss it with your doctor beforehand. Keep in mind that the supplement is only for adults. And don’t exceed the prescribed dosage to avoid allergic reactions. You should take only 1 pill daily, preferably on a full stomach.


Today, you can purchase 1 bottle (30 capsules) for only $49. It’s not much to pay for youthfulness and stamina.Longevity Activator Review and buy now

But you may save even more if order a bigger quantity. 3 bottles will cost $39 each, and if you order 6-months supply, you’ll get each bottle for only $33. For more information, check the official website.

Longevity Activator customer reviews

Joanna R.: “I’m 53, but with this miraculous supplement I feel 15 years younger. I look better than in my 40s and feel really energized and strong. Besides, I’ve lost some weight. I do recommend this product.”

Martin K.: “My joint pain, dizziness, fatigue, and headaches are gone, thanks to Longevity Activator. And even my vision loss has stopped. I’ll go on taking it; it’s working perfectly for me.”


Longevity Activator formula is your real chance to stop aging and feel youthful again. This safe and natural product gives you inner protection from dangerous toxins and stressors that destroy your DNA strands. Order it today for the best price and become one of those who have already expressed their gratitude to the producer.

Longevity Activator



















  • Scientifically backed effects
  • Natural composition
  • Perfect safety
  • Competitive price
  • 6-months money back guarantee
  • No side effects


  • Online availability only

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