Is Protein harmful to health?

Protein – not for women

like lipid, Carbo hydrate, and calcium carbonate. There is some truth in this joke. All macronutrients are chemical substances. Let’s generalize, we are also chemistry, only with the prefix “bio”. But it is worth watching a couple of Russian TV programs about sports nutrition, and you will understand-humor is not appropriate. Scientists with a serious face talk about the harm of sports nutrition. Things are even worse on the Internet. Attacks of some supporters of natural training on cottage cheese and buckwheat on unfortunate bodybuilders, mutual throwing heavy arguments like “you can’t eat all the chickens”, or “the liver will fall off from protein”. Plus poor pitoreske who have recovered from the portions are not at the moment drinking a protein shake, and their rich allies that can’t score… The whole protein story is a tale of unfair advertising. Open any bodybuilding magazine, and in 15 minutes you will believe that without a can of protein, you will not be able to build muscle.

In fact, protein was invented for those who can’t eat their daily allowance of protein. The reasons may be different – poor digestion, the inability to eat a lot because of work, and the struggle with the monotony of the diet. A 70 kg fitness beginner should eat about 140 g of protein if they are training hard. The average person with food consumes about 90. Why not have 2 cocktails? Opponents of sports nutrition will tell you a thousand stories, from which it follows that everything that is not cottage cheese and chicken is bad. In fact, everything is not so clear.Is Protein harmful to health?

Important: sportpit and anabolic steroids are different things. Protein consists of regular protein, the same as in food, baby food, and milk. There are no secret, anabolic steroids, it does not add. These are horror stories from illiterate inhabitants.

What is protein?

If we are talking about the term –this is protein. We can say “beef protein” and “chicken protein” and we’ll be right. In terms of sellers, sportpita is a special Supplement, the purpose of which is to fill the protein deficit, that is, to get all the necessary set of amino acids with food. Protein allows you to adjust the diet for those who do not like meat or fish. Recently, many athletes have started to include more complex protein in their diet, as it is cheaper than the same chicken Breasts.

The norm of protein consumption for an adult is from 1.5 g per 1 kg of body weight, if we are talking about a fitness driver. A bodybuilder needs 2-2. 5 g . Moreover, the drying protein should be more to prevent sugar spikes, and hunger attacks. In addition, the extra protein helps to cope with catabolism.

The ef

The effect of protein on the body

st unpleasant question that a sports nutrition salesman can hear: “How much will I get from one can of your miracle powder?» For industry professionals, this sounds like a bearded joke, but many fitness enthusiasts are still trying to find some magic numbers to increase.

Now, with the addition of protein to the diet is digested in the same way as the normal protein. It is broken down into amino acids, they enter the bloodstream, and nourish our muscles, providing recovery. They also help restore the immune and hormonal systems. Protein is essential for everyone, not just for athletes and fitness professionals. The mechanism of protein assimilation is through the gastrointestinal tract into the blood. There are no options with an immediate hit of amino acids in the muscles.


Protein production

is made from beef, peas, rice, soy, eggs, or milk. The most valuable is whey and beef.

Interesting fact: the production technology of the sportpit resembles the production of baby food.

The easiest to produce is whey protein. First, the milk is separated at the factory, getting whey and casein. The serum is sublimated, and a well-known powder is obtained. Then it is enriched with vitamins, sweetener, thickener and fragrance are added. In the production of proteins, guar gum is most often used. This is the fiber that allows us to drink a thick protein shake that is very similar to milk.

The most difficult to produce are vegetable proteins. They go through several stages of processing and fermentation so that we can enjoy their taste. Conventional products from plant lines are still inferior to whey. But beef protein is not similar to the broth. It tastes quite at the level of dairy, but it is not very popular because of its high price. In the US, it has become fashionable, thanks to the “crossfit and paleo diet” trend.Is Protein harmful to health?

Without a doubt, milk separation and whey sublimation are processes that require some chemical reactions. From this position, we have pure chemistry. But in everything else, she is also involved. When cheese is brewed in a cheese factory or beer is brewed in a brewery, chemistry also works. So do not offend the protein, it is not alone in its” chemical ” origin.


Protein-benefit or harm

rage person drinks a portion of protein, thoughtlessly mixing in more useful berries, bananas, butter, and much more, and waits for Phil Heath’s muscles to grow. This is about what happens, and then the digestive tract disorder and frustration begin.

The benefits of protein can be felt only if you have a relatively correct daily routine, regular and heavy training, high-quality nutrition with regular products and a good additional protein Supplement.

Important: for most people, fruit and protein shakes from bodybuilding magazines are not suitable. The body already reacts violently to the need to digest so much protein, plus fructose and fiber. You can minimize the risks of gastrointestinal disorders by refusing to use such recipes. Eat fruit, if you want them so much, at a free meal.

In some countries, you can buy a protein shake at the school vending machine with sodas, chips, and bars. Yes, it will cost more than Cola, but the very fact of availability tells us that only the domestic consumer does not like sports nutrition.

To be fair, American nutrition schools recommend getting most of the protein with a regular meal. If the entire norm is recruited by protein shakes, you may encounter a gastrointestinal disorder. The body will simply “forget” how to digest solid food, and reduce secretory activity. As a result, it will be a big problem for him to assimilate a piece of meat.

The use

The use of protein

saves time and diversifies your diet. On average, an athlete needs 4-5 meals, with a source of complete protein in each. Few people can bravely chew all this time boiled chicken or baked fish. Such food is not that difficult to prepare, it just requires self-discipline and dedication. Simply put, it gets boring. And the story of preparing different protein sources for different meals doesn’t make sense for most people, because then you will have to significantly increase your food costs.

Protein is an affordable alternative. It is enough to replace a couple of meals with cocktails, and the problem of sweets will be solved, and the amount of protein in the diet will increase to acceptable. There is no need to prepare protein, so half an hour of time is also released.

With rising prices for chicken and meat, low-cost complex proteins help save money. It is estimated that for non-Metropolitan regions, the cost of 30 g of protein is the lowest just when getting protein from a protein shake.

Protein shakes are essential for people who can’t take long breaks from work to eat. They will help maintain the right amount of amino acids in the blood without additional breaks for meals.

Protein is convenient to take with you to training, it is not necessary to sit in the locker room and eat egg whites with cabbage leaves, as did the bodybuilders of the past. The powder can be taken on any trip. Where there is water and a shaker, there will also be a meal.

By the way, today protein is not only a sweet cocktail with a vanilla or chocolate flavor. Several companies produce protein puddings and ice cream for those who do not like cocktails. There are even protein soups on the market if someone is tired of cooking and wants to get their protein fix.

Myths a

Myths about the dangers of protein and their exposure

n – not for women

This is a myth from the same series, from which “training with iron makes you manly”. Many ordinary people associate in their minds muscular representatives of bodybuilding and powerlifting and protein shakes. Although such a physical form on some proteins can not be done. In sports, anabolic steroids are used to gain muscle mass and increase strength. You can treat this as you like, anti-doping organizations are constantly fighting against it, but this is a given. Doping exists, it is used by men and women, and the change in the face of the male type, the growth of the Adam’s Apple, breast reduction and muscle development of the male type are side effects of anabolic steroids, not protein shakes.

In reality, protein can help with several typical women’s problems. Normal protein levels help prevent osteoporosis. It supports muscle mass, which naturally “trains” the bones by pressing on them. Therefore, drinking protein and strength training protect against fractures in adulthood and older age.

In addition, protein helps women maintain a high rate of metabolic processes and protect themselves from obesity. Those who do not drink protein, and do not exercise, lose about 500 g of muscle mass every year, starting from the age of 26. Therefore, many older women are forced to eat literally 1000 kcal, so as not to grow fat. And still they have fat, it is visible, and the body is flabby.

Protein is also good for preventing diseases associated with immune disorders. It helps to support the immune system no worse than a separate intake of glutamine.

Protein allows women who follow a diet to avoid temptations. After all, you can cook anything with it, from cakes to pancakes, if you want.

Harm to the

Harm to the liver

s the main” filter ” of the body. Those who spread this myth believe that it is somehow polluted if you consume protein. This is not true. Protein is digested like a normal protein food. If you use it in adequate, not excessive amounts, and do not neglect the rest of the rules of a healthy diet, protein will only benefit your health.

Harm to dig

Harm to digestion

otein is digested using the same enzymes that are responsible for the digestion of ordinary food. Protein has no effect on digestion. Of course, you can get inhibition of secretion if you manage to eat only cocktails for a very long time. But such cases are beyond the norm.

Natural foo

Natural food is just better

even an argument. Indeed, if a person works in an office and spends their free time at home on the couch, they don’t need protein. Such a friend needs very low-calorie natural food to maintain their health. His protein needs are not great, and he does not need to drink cocktails. But if the same person goes to the gym and starts working out actively, a piece of chicken a day will not be enough for them to restore their muscles and maintain their health.Is Protein harmful to health?

Supporters of “all natural” do not take into account another fact. Few people have the willpower to eat only white fish and dried chicken. But many people are forced to significantly cut down on calories, as they do not have the opportunity to do cardio for an hour a day, as professional athletes do. With a protein shake, it’s easiest to get the most protein with a minimum of calories.

Food is che

Food is cheaper

this is the most erroneous statement. For health, it is recommended to combine at least 3 different protein sources in your daily diet. If you do this, buying protein will seem like an easy walk. In addition, protein promotions are more often held than regular food, and it’s quite easy to buy a couple of cans at a discount.

Sports nutr

Sports nutrition – only for athletes

is difficult to attribute to athletes a person who comes to the gym 3-4 times a week and performs some simple set of exercises there. For such people, taking protein will still have some benefits. You can drink a cocktail and go to work or on business, and not look for a place to sit down and eat your chicken breast. In addition, protein will help to recover, and therefore will relieve obsessive delayed onset muscle soreness, and discomfort in everyday life. No matter how we feel about it, but a high – quality sportpit is an option that makes life much more convenient. In addition, protein can be purchased not only in the form of a cocktail, but also in the form of bars, protein cookies, jelly, souffle, ice cream.

Protein is bad

Protein is bad for potency

concepts from the “protein is chemistry” series. For potency, anabolic steroids are harmful, or rather, not the drugs themselves, but inept, and not justified in taking them without medical supervision, and proper post-course therapy. Protein supplementation can not affect either the level of testosterone, or the trophic tissues of the genitals, or the level of other sex hormones. It’s just protein, the same as in meat or eggs. Although among radical vegans there are cool stories about the sexual impotence of meat eaters. But we don’t trust such things, do we?

The amount of protein in the diet can negatively affect potency only in one case-there is no protein in the diet, and the person is not up to reproduction, he is exhausted, and strives not to die. Talk about soy protein being full of phytoestrogens is also not true. Phytoestrogens are destroyed when soy is sublimated, as sports nutrition manufacturers have repeatedly written about. There are no studies linking, for example, low libido and the development of gynecomastia with soy. But everyone knows that this is how men are affected by not very high-quality courses of anabolic steroids without post-course therapy.

When protein is

When protein is really bad

prised, but the human body can not adapt to any food and conditions. There are conditions and diseases in which you can not use protein. Usually, it is also recommended to limit food protein in such conditions. These are special cases, they have nothing to do with any factors that are common to all people. Therefore, we can talk about the harm of protein for a particular person in a particular situation, and not for all people.

Important fact: protein should not be drunk for dysbiosis. This is a disease in which pathogenic intestinal flora multiplies. Protein, like other easily digestible foods, will promote faster bacterial growth and lead to abdominal pain and flatulence.

Protein is contraindicated in:

Renal failure. With this disease, any protein that comes with food is restricted, not just protein shakes. But it is difficult to imagine a patient with kidney failure working out in the gym
Allergies to a certain type of protein. In this case, instead of milk protein, beef is selected, and so on. The point is to provide an influx of protein with various products that do not contain an allergen. In this case, nutrition and sports supplements are selected by the doctor.
The so-called “protein overfeed”. This is a complex of reactions in the body in which excess protein is not absorbed. Protein overfeed is a rarity among adults. But it can occur in a person who thoughtlessly tries to repeat the diet of competing athletes, without taking any medications to improve the absorption of the same protein.
The excess of soy protein. Various sources continue to frighten men with female-type obesity and various unpleasant side effects, such as breast growth. But this is not scientifically proven. What is known for sure is that excess soy protein is the cause of digestive disorders and diarrhea. Therefore, fans of alternative protein sources should make do with 1-2 servings per day, and take enzymes. Those who do not eat meat for ethical reasons and do not use dairy products are advised to alternate between different types of protein, including soy.

Are there reall

Are there really no side effects at all?

ever taken protein knows that the story about the absence of side effects is too optimistic a vision of the problem. There are side effects, they are related to the quality of protein, the amount that some people tend to consume, and the effectiveness of protein supplements.

Protein is a protein molecule of organic origin. By its structure – it is quite large and branched. Proteins of any type can provoke an allergic reaction, they can cause various manifestations from the gastrointestinal tract.

There are two reasons for problems:

  • Lack of digestive tract enzymes for protein digestion. Then the correction of the diet with sports nutrition can be made after the appointment of enzymes;
  • Intestinal dysbiosis is a violation of the microflora, which can be caused by anything from a disease to improper nutrition for a long time. With dysbacteriosis, pathogenic flora develops and grows, and the human body ceases to normally digest food, including protein from protein

Sometimes there is an allergic reaction not to the protein itself, but to the fragrances and sweeteners that are necessarily in its composition. This possibility cannot be ruled out either. Fortunately, there are plenty of protein complexes on the market that are free of fragrance and sweeteners.
Research on the harmful effects of protein on the body

Protein and the h

Protein and the human skeleton

nce that protein negatively affects the human bone system. On the contrary, protein is consumed. Protein contributes to the synthesis of insulin-like growth factor, which indirectly contributes to muscle strengthening. Protein improves the absorption of calcium. Its addition to the diet helps to normalize the state of the bone system.

Protein and the c

Protein and the cardiovascular system

om the same series, from which “training with iron makes you manly”. Many ordinary people associate in their minds muscular representatives of bodybuilding and powerlifting and protein shakes. Although such a physical form on some proteins can not be done. In sports, anabolic steroids are used to gain muscle mass and increase strength. You can treat this as you like, anti-doping organizations are constantly fighting against it, but this is a given. Doping exists, it is used by men and women, and the change in the face of the male type, the growth of the Adam’s Apple, breast reduction and muscle development of the male type are side effects of anabolic steroids, not protein shakes.

In reality, protein can help with several typical women’s problems. Normal protein levels help prevent osteoporosis. It supports muscle mass, which naturally “trains” the bones by pressing on them. Therefore, drinking protein and strength training protect against fractures in adulthood and older age.Is Protein harmful to health?

In addition, protein helps women maintain a high rate of metabolic processes and protect themselves from obesity. Those who do not drink protein, and do not exercise, lose about 500 g of muscle mass every year, starting from the age of 26. Therefore, many older women are forced to eat literally 1000 kcal, so as not to grow fat. And still they have fat, it is visible, and the body is flabby.

Protein is also good for preventing diseases associated with immune disorders. It helps to support the immune system no worse than a separate intake of glutamine.

The protein does not cause coronary disease, and no link between its intake and the disease was found. Again, the disease can affect those who experience excessive physical activity for a long time, and use anabolic steroids. Protein has nothing to do with it.
Carcinogenic effect and protein intake

Protein and breas

Protein and breast cancer

not found a link between protein consumption and the possible development of this disease.

Ovarian cancer an

Ovarian cancer and protein

d women who took and did not take protein, but there was no relationship between protein intake and ovarian cancer.

Prostate cancerProstate cancer

#8220;horror story” from the media, in which the concepts are mixed up. When using anabolic steroids, the prostate really increases. According to some reports, an enlarged prostate increases the risk of cancer. But all this has nothing to do with protein, and there was no link between its use and prostate cancer.

Larynx cancerLarynx cancer

ound that laryngeal cancer in General occurs more often in those who eat more animal protein, and less often in those who focus on plant-based proteins in their diet

Stomach cancerStomach cancer

result as the previous version. Stomach cancer is more likely to occur in those who consume an excess of animal and a lack of vegetable protein.

Pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer

cted in Canada that found no link between pancreatic cancer and protein consumption.

Kidney cancerKidney cancer

is prohibited in kidney diseases, as it affects their work, but it can not cause kidney cancer.

Colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer

ot found a link between the use of protein supplements and rectal cancer.

Is protein harmfu

Is protein harmful in large doses

ided. The body of a healthy person is able to remove excess protein if it gets into the system. We do not know how to accumulate amino acids, such as glycogen, so nothing but waste of money excess protein is not threatened.

But this is only one opinion. There is another. Excessive dosages can cause damage to the kidneys, liver,and gastrointestinal tract. They are certainly not toxic in themselves, but a person who already has kidney and liver problems can have big problems due to protein consumption.

Important: excess nutrients are extra energy. All that is not consumed by the body in the process of metabolism, necessarily deposited in fat.

The dosage of protein can be calculated independently. You don’t have to wait for this advice from a fitness guru. Calculate the total amount of protein in the diet, and make a conclusion based on it. In practice, they drink from 1 to 3 servings of a cocktail daily, of course, taking into account all the protein that comes with food, too.

Is it harmful to

Is it harmful to take protein at night?

those who used to advocate not eating at night are already extinct? Nothing like that. Now they claim that it would be nice to give up the sportpit. They say that the stomach and intestines need to rest, if there is at least an unfortunate portion of casein in the stomach, you will have to forget about a quiet sleep.

Fortunately, this controversial fact has no scientific evidence. You can take protein at night, even if it is not casein. Casein is better because it is slowly absorbed and gives away amino acids. This allows the muscles to recover better.

Isolate is best taken in the morning or after a workout.

Harm to teenagers

Harm to teenagers

tein on the body of adolescents has not been precisely studied. Therefore, taking protein is not recommended for teenagers. This is explained by the fact that it is best to eat natural food to get even more vitamins and minerals.

But for those teenagers who are already engaged in weightlifting or powerlifting, protein is quite acceptable sports nutrition. It will only help to improve athletic performance, and increase skill, due to the rapid recovery of muscles. Protein does not contain any harmful substances for a teenager, it is just desirable that the diet has parity between freeze-dried sources of nutrients and natural ones. And even better-the predominance of natural food and only the addition of protein.

You can use protein for both boys and girls, there is no fundamental difference. Weight gainers are usually not recommended in adolescence, except when a teenager is engaged in weightlifting or powerlifting and has a clear weight deficit on the verge of exhaustion.

Teenagers can not only drink cocktails, but also eat protein bars.

Important: there are certain psychological problems that are associated with the sportpit. There is an opinion that the use of sports nutrition encourages an all-or-nothing mentality in a teenager, and may indirectly push him to the path of using anabolics. But this is only an opinion, much depends on the upbringing of a teenager, the work of his coach, and the microclimate in the family.

15 advantages of

15 advantages of protein

protein if it weren’t for these great 15 reasons for its effectiveness

  1. It improves results in sports. Muscles grow, and strength indicators grow.
  2. It does not contain extra carbohydrates and fats, which can not be said about other products for snacking.
  3. Helps to satisfy hunger without harm to health.
  4. Eliminates problems with meeting the need for protein.
  5. No need for complicated cooking, just stir a spoonful of protein in a shaker.
  6. It is absorbed fairly quickly and does not cause problems with digestion.
  7. It allows you to get essential amino acids that the body does not know how to synthesize itself.
  8. Helps prevent type 2 diabetes by normalizing sugar and insulin levels.
  9. Helps with the growth of strength and endurance indicators in sports.
  10. Eliminates the need to carry food with you and eat it in the locker room after class.
  11. Stored in any conditions, you can take it with you even in the cold, even in the heat. What can not be said, for example, about cottage cheese.
  12. It will help to get rid of cravings for sweets, a delicious snack on a diet.
  13. Eliminates the protein deficiency of vegetarians.
  14. Protein in protein contains exactly the same as in other types of food. Nothing artificial.
  15. It is completely safe for health, observe only your norm of KBZHU and train.

5 main disadvanta

5 main disadvantages of protein

r sources without disadvantages, right?

Protein can cause an upset stomach, especially if a person already has dysbiosis or lactose intolerance. Very “help” to get upset and all sorts of folk recipes from mixtures of protein with healthy fruits. If the digestive tract is struggling with milk, drink the enzyme lactase, and avoid complex cocktails.

If you have half a jar for one approach, there is a significant chance that you will get an overdose and overload all body systems.

Freeze-dried protein is devoid of vitamins and minerals. Some brands enrich their products artificially, but this is not the case for everyone. In fairness, supermarket chicken is also not the most “vitamin” product.

It is believed that not every trainee can regularly buy protein. Although with the dynamics of food prices, this is debatable. Now it is easier to buy protein than a few kilograms of chicken fillet.

The natural taste of protein is not particularly attractive. It’s like powdered milk. Therefore, various flavorings and sweeteners are simply added to the protein. These products are not always natural.

Tips for protein

Tips for protein intake

t tip is to determine the amount of powder not by how much the next hero of the glossy cover of a magazine about bodybuilding and fitness drinks, but by their own protein needs. Assume that you have a protein deficiency and therefore buy a powder is not worth it. You need to learn to count the proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet, and be sure to start from their number.

The most important admission rules are:

Do not overestimate the amount of protein in the diet over 2 g per 1 kg of current body weight, if you are not a professional athlete;
Before increasing the amount of protein in the diet, you need to eliminate all the risks. Many advise to undergo a medical examination to exclude problems with the kidneys and liver.
It makes sense to drink protein only during periods of exercise. If due to life circumstances or some other reasons, classes are interrupted, protein from the diet should also be removed.
Replacing food intake with protein is a temporary measure, it allows you to quickly lose weight, for example, to get into the weight category in sports. Usually people do not recommend such manipulations with the diet.
It is better to drink protein without adding any other products to it.
It is better not to exceed the dosage of 20 -30 g once.

Separately, I would like to say about “homemade protein shakes” or a rather popular topic-to make smoothies from all the available products, and call it a protein source. Often, to build muscle, they recommend cocktails with cottage cheese, egg whites, nuts and some other berries to the pile and honey for taste. By its composition, it is not a protein, but a gainer. If an athlete is not interested in a dry set, but just a large muscle and possibly a large fat mass, a lot of energy, and he tolerates such a lot of dairy products in his diet, then everything will be fine. But for those who really need a dry set, or maintaining the muscles on drying, such compositions will not work.

Is there a difference in the use of soy and whey protein? Manufacturers periodically try to convince us that soy is the same source of protein, only more “green”, but this is not the case. Eating a large amount of soy protein is more likely to lead the athlete to digestive and gastrointestinal disorders, and is more associated with an allergic reaction. And it’s not so much in phytoestrogens, which are so fond of writing off health problems, as in the lower digestibility of soy protein itself. Soy protein is absorbed worse than whey.

Does it make sense to buy beef protein? Pro-athletes claim that the more different types of protein supplements you consume, the better your muscles will grow. Modern dietetics also proceeds from such information. The nature of this knowledge is simple – you can improve your shape if you get as many amino acids and vitamins as possible. In fact, this is much easier to achieve with different types of proteins. Beef protein is well absorbed, but it is not the cheapest. This is only available for premium brands and it costs 20 percent more than regular whey products.

Is there a fundamental difference between CSB and the protein that is sold in the store? No, it’s just that CSB is purchased from factories and sold through one-page websites by enterprising people. For sales, the usual advertising text is used, which simply lists the benefits of any protein, for example, the ability to protect against catabolism and maintain muscle mass.

Is it necessary to buy isolate, whey, complex protein and casein for one person? Recent studies show that BCAAS are absorbed immediately after training, amino acids from protein isolate are absorbed within half an hour, serum causes an increase in the level of amino acids up to 2 hours, complex protein – up to 4, but casein — up to 7 hours. All these figures suggest that the most profitable approach for the layman is to drink BCAA during training, and after it – a complex protein. Whether casein is needed or not, everyone decides depending on their recovery rate. Isolate is a highly specialized product, the use of which is the lot of those who are drying. It is inferior in taste to regular protein.

Recently, Pro-athletes have started to prefer protein hydrolysate. This is a product with ready-made peptide chains that are directly absorbed into the blood within a few minutes after entering the body. This allows the hydrolysate to solve the problems of professional sports. For Amateurs, it is usually unreasonably expensive.

How to drink protein correctly and what to mix it with? There are several camps here. Some believe that there is no difference, you can at least pour a ladle of protein into cottage cheese, even into kefir, or even into porridge. The protein will still be absorbed, and someone may be better off eating protein with oatmeal than drinking a cocktail. This is partly true, and the protein is digested. The only problem is that something from mixed food can cause fermentation in the stomach, and then there will be problems with assimilation.

Fans of mixing protein in milk claim that this is only better – richer amino acid composition, additional protein, pleasant taste. But all this can fade if a person has problems with the absorption of lactose. One small upset of the digestive tract, and you will not be up to the assimilation of protein.

There are also fans of protein with juice. You need to know that this recipe is a gainer, a cocktail for gaining muscle mass and replenishing muscle glycogen reserves. If a gainer is drunk by a person who is too full and uses it to create an excess of calorie intake over consumption, this person provokes health problems.

All modern proteins are perfectly mixed with water, and created just for that purpose. Well, as for protein baking and other dishes, this is more of a “trick” for the diet, and not a way to improve the bioavailability of protein. Otherwise, follow your BZHU standards, and protein will only benefit the body.

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