The website aims to share with readers the results of using different substances. It also concerns ways of treatment. The main aim is to help people feeling safe and sound. Wubmed provides information that was proved by patients.

Note that any advice given here is a recommendation. It is not a must to follow it. Before testing anything on your body, consult a specialist. Every supplement and a way of treatment may have different consequences for people.

On the website, you will be able to find unusual ways of treatment. All the remedies combine natural substances. They can be helpful for some people, and harmful to others. Before buying and taking it, consult a doctor. Only a skilful practitioner can prescribe a certain medicine or a supplement. Due to different body characteristics, the result of using it can be unpredictable. Pay attention to other illnesses you are suffering from. Some elements in the supplements can cause allergy and extra sensitivity.

All the products made from natural substances have a limited period of life. They almost have no chemicals. Due to this fact, they are almost harmless to people of all ages. We don’t recommend to test it on people who are under 21. Young bodies are subjected to unexpected reactions of the remedy.

All the remedies and supplements are not recommended for pregnant women. In the case of serious diseases, the usage of these substances must be cancelled. They can cause complications and lead to a fatal result.

If you agree to use one of these remedies, you should understand the responsibility. It is up to you to decide whether to use it or not. Every patient must realize that a certain remedy is harmless and suitable for him. All the responsibility after taking the supplements falls on the patient. It is just his right to use it or not. If you feel, that something went wrong, stop taking it immediately. Don’t subject your health to extra testing.

The website doesn’t provide medical advice, it is just a recommendation. It is not based on scientific research, but the patients’ experience. We only advertise products from different manufacturers. We don’t have anything in common with its production. All the claims are not connected with the editors of the website. They concern only factories producing these supplements.

You will find good ways of improving your health. Don’t forget about responsibility. Visit a skillful practitioner, before taking anything. Read the detailed description of each product. Read all the advantages and precautions of using a certain substance.