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CinnaChroma is meant to enhance one of the most important indicators of the health of the human body – glucose level. An increased blood content is an alarming symptom that indicates the risk of developing diabetes mellitus, that is, an extremely dangerous disease that leads to loss of vision, affects the heart muscle and kidneys, makes blood vessels brittle, and threatens the development of thrombophlebitis. Without timely treatment, such a disease leads to the development of a “sugar” coma, which means death.

Controlling your glucose isn’t that hard. Taking the CinnaChroma supplement will be more than enough. In this review, we’ll cover all the aspects regarding the product. So, just keep reading to know more!

CinnaChroma: Main Info p>CinnaChroma is a plant-origin dietary product for people struggling with imbalanced blood glucose and associated symptoms like numbness in limbs, nerve pain, overweight, etc. The supplement may perfectly suit you if you notice one of the following signs of the increased blood sugar level:

  • your waist is bigger than your hips;
  • it became difficult to lose weight;
  • you have a craving for sweets;
  • after eating you feel great relief;
  • you get irritated easily if you feel hungry;
  • you are capricious and cry for no reason;
  • without food, you feel weakened and detached;
  • you become restless for no apparent reason;
  • you started waking up at night;
  • hunger follows you all the time;
  • drowsiness overpowers you even during the day.
How Exactly Does the Supplement Work?p>CinnaChroma beneficially influences the whole body. You will certainly like its healthful properties:

CinnaChroma Reviews: Legit Blood Glucose Support or a Fake?

  1. The supplement eliminates toxins and free radicals from the organism.
  2. It reduces ox stress and promotes tissue recovery.
  3. CinnaChroma alleviates an inflammatory state.
  4. It improves metabolic performance.
  5. The product manages the blood glucose level.
  6. It reduces the risk of type-II diabetes.
  7. CinnaChroma supports digestion and controls appetite.
  8. It reduces stress, tiredness, and brain fog.
  9. The supplement restores energy and helps with difficulty sleeping.
  10. It eases joint pain.
What Ingredients Are Used in CinnaChroma?p>CinnaChroma, like other naturopathic products, is made of organic ingredients only. It implies you won’t find any chemicals in the formula and will not have to deal with side effects. Only herbal ingredients, vitamins, and minerals are used! Got curious? Then, check the table below!

Components Key Properties


This trace mineral regulates appetite, supports digestion, improves overall metabolic activity.

Cinnamomum verum

It eliminates toxins and free radicals from the organism, reduces ox stress, promotes tissue regeneration, and manages the level of blood glucose.

Vitamin D3

It supports the cardiovascular system, enhances the circulation of blood, and alleviates numbness in limbs.


The ingredient prevents type-II diabetes and associated health complications.

Vitamin K2

The vitamin alleviates an inflammatory state and eases joint pain.

Where Can I Find It? What About the Price?

CinnaChroma can’t be bought in offline stores. Like all dietary supplements, it’s not FDA approved and therefore, can not be sold in land-based pharmacies. We insist you order the CinnaChroma supplement through the official manufacturer’s website only!

CinnaChroma pricing

Prices for the product are quite reasonable (as for a dietary supplement). Moreover, the company offers promotion deals:

  • a 1-bottle package – almost 70 dollars;
  • a 3-bottle option – 177 dollars in total;
  • a 6-bottle pack – 294 dollars in total.

Keep in mind that there may be an additional shipping fee. Usually, it’s no more than 9-10 dollars across the country. For international deliveries, it may be higher.

CinnaChroma: D

CinnaChroma: Dosing

recommended to be consumed in 1 tablet on an everyday basis. You can take the supplement at any time you’re comfortable: there are no time limitations indicated by the manufacturer (at least, we haven’t found any). Still, it’s quite important not to miss product intakes as it may significantly reduce its effectiveness.

Any Precautions?Any Precautions?

ecommended for underage customers, people with hypersensitivity to used components, suffering from cardiovascular diseases, breast-feeding, or mothers-to-be. It is also better to consult an attending physician on the supplement’s interactions with other medications (if you are taking any).

CinnaChroma Possible S

CinnaChroma Possible Side Effects

e scientific evidence regarding the supplement’s formula and can say 100% sure that CinnaChroma is absolutely safe and can’t provoke adverse reactions. If you follow all the recommendations for use without overdosing, you’ll experience only the positive effects of using the supplement.

For How Long Should I Take t

For How Long Should I Take the Supplement?

t of immediate action. It has an accumulative effect, so to experience long-lasting positive changes in your blood glucose levels, you need to take the supplement for several months at the very least. Still, some patients claim to notice improvements in the first few weeks and even days of intakes.

What Do Users Think About Ci

What Do Users Think About CinnaChroma?

roma for the first time. I drink 2 capsules at night. True, the capsules are large, but this is fine, the main thing is that I stopped getting up at night and feeling thirsty or shaking. I’ve been taking the supplement for 2 weeks. My sugar has really reduced.

Kacy Hutchinson, 42.

Suggested by an endocrinologist for the treatment of insulin resistance. I started the course recently, taking one pill at night. So far, I noticed that I stopped waking up from thirst at night. And my appetite reduced.

Kaison Cline, 39.

CinnaChroma does not increase insulin levels, but enhances the effectiveness of any available insulin. Insulin regulates blood sugar levels, controls the rate at which certain amino acids are absorbed into the bloodstream, and is one of the most powerful anabolic hormones in the body. Since chromium increases the efficiency of insulin, it also promotes protein synthesis. Regular intake of the supplement reduces the intensity of fat synthesis in the human body, decreases appetite, thereby contributing to natural weight loss. Like most supplements, the formula must be taken with food. It works as a modulator in the metabolism of other substances.

Saniya Barber,55.

Began to take CinnaChroma with the hope that it would discourage my desire to consume sweets. Took one capsule on a daily basis. Somewhere after a week of taking the supplement, the craving for sweets passed. Of course, I still have a snack with sweet buns, but this is several times less. For real, the consumption of sweets has decreased by several times! I recommend this product!

Pola Carr, 44.

I ordered CinnaChroma for my mom to lower her sugar. She has a sweet tooth and does not keep a diet. Her sugar could go up to 200, with these tablets, the glucose level does not rise above 160, even when she eats too many sweets. And if she follows her diet, then it does not rise above 100-120. Very good supplement, really helps!

Angelina Lindsay, 33.

My mother has type 1 diabetes mellitus, insulin-dependent. Bought her this supplement for the first time, and there is a result! She feels better, is more energetic, she even reduced the dose of short insulin and less often experience hypoglycemia. And since the supplement contains chromium, there are fewer cravings for sweets. 5 out of 5!

Chandler Villa, 36.

This supplement really works! For almost a year now, thanks to CinnaChroma, my blood glucose has been kept at the upper limit of the norm. Thanks to the manufacturer!

Chiara Schroeder, 56.

I have type 2 diabetes. This supplement relieves cravings for sweets, even provokes some kind of aversion to sweet foods. Really like it!

Martha May, 47.

To Conclude

Diabetes p

To Conclude

as follows:

  1. Diet, fractional meals up to 5 times a day. Refined carbohydrates (sugar, honey, jams, etc.) and saturated fat should be kept to a minimum. The basis of the diet should be complex carbohydrates and foods rich in soluble fiber. As a percentage, the content of carbohydrates in food should be 60%, fats – about 20%, proteins – no more than 20%. Preference is given to white poultry meat, lean fish, vegetable dishes, herbal decoctions, drinks without added sugar. Fried food is replaced with boiled, stewed, baked food. Sweets, carbonated drinks, desserts, instant drinks with sugar, fast foods, smoked, salty meals should be excluded from the diet.
  2. Regular exercise. Physical activity improves metabolic processes and increases the sensitivity of body tissues to insulin.

CinnaChroma Reviews: Legit Blood Glucose Support or a Fake?

And of course, don’t forget to take CinnaChroma! It may not seem obvious, but thanks to this supplement, you can drastically change your everyday life and avoid health complications associated with diabetes!


  • The supplemen


    toxins and free radicals from the organism.
  • It reduces ox stress and promotes tissue recovery.
  • CinnaChroma alleviates an inflammatory state.
  • It improves metabolic performance.
  • The product manages the blood glucose level.
  • It reduces the risk of type-II diabetes.
  • CinnaChroma supports digestion and controls appetite.
  • It reduces stress, tiredness, and brain fog.
  • The supplement restores energy and helps with difficulty sleeping.
  • It eases joint pain.
  • International delivery is available.


  • CinnaChroma i


    n the manufacturer’s online store only.

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