Blood Pressure 911 Reviews: Everything You Should Know

Disclaimer: The information about BloodPressure 911 provided below can’t be used for self-diagnosis: it’s of informative nature! Consult your doctor before consuming the product.

Blood pressure in an adult is considered normal if its level in a calm state does not exceed 140/90 mm Hg. Pressure level from 140/90 to 160/95 mm Hg refers to the so-called border, intermediate zone. If the level of blood pressure is equal to or higher than 160/95 mm Hg, then we can speak of high blood tension (also known as hypertension).

Increased tension of blood is one of the most widespread health conditions of the circulatory system. Many consider it a disease of the century. This is a chronic condition that manifests itself as a constant, and in the initial stages, a periodic increase in blood pressure. Patients have nervousness, progressive general weakness, headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, pain in the back of the head. In such patients, sleep, as a rule, is inadequate, insomnia often worries.
During an increase in pressure, a feeling of heat may join, the face and other areas of the skin turn red, then sweat appears on them. Hands and feet, on the other hand, can get cold. At the same time, the pulse becomes more frequent, and stitching pains appear in the region of the heart. The severity and duration of these symptoms depend on how high a person’s blood pressure is.

Who’s in the Risk Group?

Hypertension primarily affects those who had relatives with this disease in their families. It has been established that children whose parents have hypertension develop the disease 2.5 times more often than others.
In addition, sedentary individuals and overweight people may experience symptoms. If you suffer from osteochondrosis or atherosclerosis, then the consequence may be hypertension. There is a physiological explanation for this. The vessels are compressed due to these diseases, and the pressure accordingly goes up.

Blood Pressure 911 Reviews: The Best Hypertension Relief?
Also, an important factor in the development of hypertension is the influence of hormones. That’s why it often occurs in women during menopause.
Signs of increased tension of blood are found in people experiencing constant stress at work and in life. At risk are heavy smokers and people with diabetes.
Quite frequently, symptoms appear in people over 50 years of age. Moreover, in accordance with statistics, men are more susceptible to this disease. Still, it is important to understand that, in general, hypertension does not spare anyone, and the boundaries are conditional. The younger generation is often martyrs to increased blood pressure as well.

To avoid health complications and mitigate the effect of risk factors, you need to support the cardiovascular system on a daily basis. The simplest way to do this is to make use of dietary supplements. And today, we will take a closer look at one of the best pressure-enhancing solutions – Blood Pressure 911.

What’s Blood Pressure 911?

As said earlier, Blood Pressure 911 is considered one of the most effective natural products for regulating blood pressure. It’s created by a renowned company in the industry of dietary aids – PhytAge Labs. The producer claims its product is able to:

  • alleviate chest pain, migraines, and headaches associated with hypertension;
  • reduce stress and anxiety;
  • boost energy and ease fatigue;
  • promote vascular health;
  • support immunity;
  • reduce the risk of infections;
  • improve the bloodstream;
  • strengthen vein walls.

Generally speaking, Blood Pressure 911 beneficially influences both physical and mental conditions.

Is It Actually Effectual?

Blood Pressure911 has been tested in-patient by several third-party laboratories. The dietary aid has been proven to be absolutely safe and effective against hypertension. Moreover, hundreds of patients have already tried it and found Blood Pressure 911 the best for their cardiovascular issues.

Blood Pressure 911: Potent Blend

As a naturopathic aid, Blood Pressure 911 consists of only organic components (mineral substances, vitamins, and herbal extracts). No stimulants and chemicals are used.

Partials Main Effects Amount per Serving

L-ascorbic acid

It promotes immunity, detoxifies the organism, and reduces oxidative stress. It improves digestion, decreases stress, and other unpleasant symptoms of hypertension. 60 mg


It’s frequently utilized to lower high blood tension and decrease the risk of circulatory diseases. 5 mg


The partial regulates blood glucose and cholesterol levels, alleviates an inflammatory state, enhances the flow of blood, thus contributing to normalizing blood pressure. 2.5 mg

Folic acid

It provides the body with essential nutrients and supports heart functioning. 100 mg


This ingredient promotes brain activity, reduces brain fog, stress, anxiety, and hypochondria. Also, it’s known for normalizing blood tension. 100 mg

Use Method and Dosing

Blood Pressure 911 is sold in 60 capsules per bottle. It implies you need to take 2 capsules on a daily basis. It’s better to do that before the first meal to ensure the proper functioning of the heart throughout the day. Don’t forget to drink enough water!

Blood Pressure911: Where to Order? What’s the Pricing?

The bad news is that Blood Pressure 911 can be ordered through the PhytAge Labs site only. But the pro is the original manufacturer provides great promotional deals for its customers:

Blood Pressure 911 Reviews: The Best Hypertension Relief?

  • one bottle for 69 dollars;
  • two bottles for about 120 dollars;
  • four bottles for almost 200 dollars.

Users’ Reviews

I am very satisfied with the purchase! Well suited for normalizing blood pressure. The supplement action can be significantly improved with the parallel intake of omega-3 and magnesium (at least, I’ve done so). – Damon Sexton, 56

This is the best purchase in 2021 for my grandma! Really effective pills to normalize blood pressure. The effect will be seen for a long time of using the supplement. 60 capsules are enough for 1 month. The product has antiviral and antibacterial properties and lowers cholesterin concentration. It prevents blood clots and vascular blockages, strengthens the human immune system. Great! – Lulu Pennington, 30

I purchase Blood Pressure 911 for my mother, she is 74 and hypertensive. She seems quite happy with the supplement: her pressure rises less often, the condition stabilizes, the stomach does not irritate. As for me, the product is a bit expensive, but it helps not to get sick and keep the pressure under control, avoid sudden jumps and critical numbers. Recommend! – Humzah Payne, 55

The product suits me, I have even reduced the amount of medications taken to lower my blood pressure (although I do not risk giving them up altogether). The reviews differ a lot, but I recommend checking everything yourself. After all, you have to select supplements individually. I started by taking 1 capsule and will order more. – Zephaniah Carver, 60

I purchased Blood Pressure 911 for my husband (his tension has been 160/90 recently). I bought it for a trial and was guided by the reviews. And you know, his pressure has returned to normal indeed. Great supplement! – Malia Rose, 49

My husband had a hypertensive crisis at 31. I almost lost my mind that night; a week earlier, we could not lower his pressure at all. The ambulance also didn’t know what to do, a doctor prescribed lots of pills and sent us home. Naturally, I am not going to give my husband chemical-based medications, so that the young man does not turn into a “vegetable”. I ordered this dietary aid. I’m extremely happy because he no longer suffers from pressure surges. The main thing is not to be nervous and consume Blood Pressure 911 as prescribed. – Audrey Hughes, 33

After the coronavirus, hypertension appeared. Tests showed that the fibrinogen level was increased, that is, my blood thickened. I read that Blood Pressure 911 liquefies the blood, so I ordered this supplement instead of taking various vitamins separately. So far, it helps. – Florrie Dejesus, 43

I ordered this product after I got to the hospital with a pressure of 180/120. I have never had such hypertension before. I’ve been taking Blood Pressure 911 for 2 weeks now, and my pressure has returned to 120/80 again. Recommend! – Neve Allan, 46

How to Enhance Blood Pressure 911 Effects?

In combination with taking the supplement, you can adhere to the next four rules:
Rule #1. Proper nutrition
Do not overeat: eat as much food as necessary to restore the body’s energy costs.
Eat regularly: it is better to eat often (4–5 times a day) and not to overeat at night.
Maintain a nutritional balance: fats – 30 percent, proteins – 15 percent, carbohydrates – 55 percent.
Try to eat fresh products: more vegetables and fruits; it is better to cook food steamed or in a microwave oven, by boiling, baking. Reduce the consumption of unsaturated fats, oils, salt, sugar.
Rule #2. Quit smoking
Rule #3. Physical activity
Daily physical activity alone can lower blood pressure by 10–20 mm Hg. Walk more, if possible, refuse to use public land transport and the elevator. Do gymnastics every morning. Get involved in recreational physical activity (slow jogging, swimming, cycling, skiing, etc.).
Rule #4. Dealing with stress
In no case do not try to deal with stress by the “usual” method – smoking or alcohol. This will only make the problem worse. The most rational approach is to teach the skills of coping with stress, increasing stress resistance: relaxation classes, auto-training, yoga, as well as physical exercises.

To Sum Up

Based on numerous reviews, trial results, and details we’ve managed to find on various forums, we can conclude that Blood Pressure 911 is a reliable solution for all hypertensive patients. It’s effective, secure and, more importantly, 100% natural! Other advantages are listed below.


  • The product can alleviate chest pain and headaches associated with hypertension.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety.
  • The supplement elevates energy and eases fatigue.
  • Blood Pressure 911 promotes vascular health.
  • It supports immunity.
  • The product reduces the risk of infections.
  • It improves the bloodstream.
  • Blood Pressure 911 strengthens vein walls.


  • The dietary product is sold on an online basis.
  • The results are individual.


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