Aloe – Risks, Benefits and More

Botanical characteristics of aloe

The aloe vera plant grows to a height of about 4 meters. The grass is characterized by straight, slightly spreading stems with foliage, the length of which is no more than forty centimeters. Cartilaginous denticles can be seen on the sides of the foliage. The plant is characterized by a fleshy and juicy pulp. The grass is blooming. It has large flowers and fruits, which contain a lot of seeds. Usually, the plant blooms for several months – February and March.

The native lands of the grass are the islands of Curasa, Barbados, and it also grows on the Arabian Peninsula in the southwestern zone. Many world countries grow grass as a houseplant and very successfully.Aloe - Risks, Benefits and More

The plant is often used in folk healing and in pharmacology. Usually, the fruits and leaves are broken off as the grass grows. The juice of the herb is unique and the medicinal product sabur is obtained from it – a very thick juice from the foliage, created using evaporation technology. The unique drug can be dissolved in alcohol, it can be combined with water, ether, but it will dissolve much worse.

The pharmaceutical industry often adds aloe juice to various medicines. p>Aloe juice can be extracted not only in industrial conditions, but also at home. It is only necessary to pick up the fleshiest leaves from the bottom of the plant, break them off and immediately squeeze out the juice, which can be used for its intended purpose.

Useful properties of aloe verap>Aloe is a unique healing product. Foliage, extracts, sabur and juice from grass are used to cure ailments. For this purpose, it is necessary to use plants that have reached three years old, take medium (no more than eighteen centimeters) leaves and break them off at the end of autumn. The plant contains minerals, saccharides, vitamins, polysaccharides and other useful elements in its structure.
The plant will help cure a lot of ailments. The product helps to overcome chronic constipation, fresh juice is a mild laxative and use it wisely and for its intended purpose! Remedies from the plant help to cure gastritis with a characteristic decrease in the level of acidity in the stomach. The herb helps to cure chronic colitis.

The plant treats non-healing purulent wounds, infectious diseases of the dermis. The product has excellent bactericidal properties, so it is often used as lotions, irrigation to cure certain diseases.

The plant has a detrimental effect on many microbes: staphylococci, dysentery bacillus and other ailments. The herb helps to treat anemia!

Many aloe products allow you to establish metabolic mechanisms, tighten and heal wounds. It is aloe that helps to treat damage to the dermis, which subsequently occurred after exposure to X-rays. The plant helps to remove all the symptoms of burns and dermatic ailments.

Aloe is used to cure neuroses, headache, asthenic conditions. The plant helps to productively and quickly cure bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer diseases, chronic gastritis. Aloe is also actively used in ophthalmology, because the herb helps to treat a lot of eye ailments.

aloe juice applicationp>The most useful part in the plant is the foliage with juice. It is this part of the herb that is used for medicinal purposes to cure various ailments. The leaves can be used at any time of the year, as long as the plant is at least three years old. The leaves perfectly retain their healing properties for a long time (they can be saved for two years).Aloe - Risks, Benefits and More

Aloe juice is especially valuable! It is often added to the composition of medicines. Sabur is made from condensed juice, which helps to treat constipation, it strengthens the secretion of the esophagus, stimulates excellent digestion and removes bile from the body. It is required to take the product in weak doses so as not to get severe poisoning. In addition, sabur is not recommended for use during pregnancy, menstrual cycle. However, if you have gastritis, a stomach ulcer, then take the juice of the plant three times a day thirty minutes before eating a teaspoon.

Aloe juice allows you to cope with tuberculosis, the main thing is to use it in combination with other products: honey, cocoa, cuff juice, butter. Put everything together and consume a spoonful before meals in the afternoon and evening. Wash down the medicine with warmed milk.

Aloe juice is used not only internally, but also externally. It helps to cure ulcers, pustules, burns, boils in the form of a lotion. The juice also treats eczema, head dermatitis.

Indications and contraindicationsp>Aloe helps to cure the following ailments: tuberculosis, chronic gastritis, pancreatitis, conjunctivitis, colitis, developing myopia, vitreous opacity. The plant, thanks to its bactericidal qualities, effectively counteracts against Streptococcus, Diphtheria bacillus.
Any aloe products are prohibited for liver diseases, during cystitis, menstruation, pregnancy. Moreover, in order to avoid insomnia, the product must be used a few hours before bedtime. The product cannot be used for a long time, as it begins to remove potassium from the body and destroys the water-salt balance.

Is it possible to use aloe for children? If the child is not yet twelve years old, then a doctor’s consultation will be required before starting treatment.

Useful products from aloep>Valuable liquid extracts are created from the plant. They come in a light yellow or red-yellow shade, with a bitter taste. Usually, the extract is produced in ampoules or as a solution. The product can also be in the form of tablets, syrups, juices. Aloe extract helps to cure anorexia and gastrointestinal ailments.

Valuable tinctures are also created from aloe. Stems and leaves are used for cooking. Usually, the tincture is created on the basis of alcohol or vodka solution, as these products increase the healing properties of plants. The tincture raises appetite, barrier functions and digestion.

Aloe is used to create healing masks that help to remove acne, inflammatory mechanisms on the dermis. The products help prevent the formation of scars and scars after acne.

Medicinal recipes from aloeul>
  • To increase appetite and stimulate the digestive tract. Prepare one hundred and fifty grams of aloe juice, two hundred and fifty grams of honey and three hundred and fifty grams of red wine. Combine all the ingredients and infuse the mixture for five days. Drink the tincture three times a day before eating 1 spoonful.
  • To strengthen a weakened body. Take five hundred grams of walnuts, ground in advance, half of the aloe juice, three hundred grams of honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice, three pieces are enough. Mix everything and drink a teaspoon three times a day before meals.
  • To eliminate a runny nose. Freshly squeezed juice, instill a couple of drops in each nostril. The course of treatment is eight days.
  • For the cure of pulmonary tuberculosis. You will need to take one hundred grams of butter, fifteen grams of aloe, one hundred grams of honey, cocoa and goose fat. Mix the resulting consistency thoroughly and eat a tablespoon 3 times a day together with a glass of hot cocoa.
  • The plant is very useful and effective in the fight against many diseases. However, before using it, it is better to consult a doctor for advice so that he can determine whether you can use the product for medicinal purposes or whether you should refrain from it.
  • A small recommendation: follow the prescribed dosages and instructions if you do not want to experience side effects on yourself.
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