Barbados:  +1 2466221676
Toll Free:  1800-270-1802
Missed Call:  09590954455

WUB - Safety and Security

Washington University of Barbados provides a complete security to the students with the security personnel active 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The university has an in-house campus where the students and the faculty share a single roof, hence making it more secure. It makes students feel more secure as WUB is located in such a country which has a low crime rate compared to the whole world.

Barbados General Safety:


Driving to visitors can sometimes be a harrowing experience on our narrow roads. Just as a reminder, we drive on the left-hand side of the road and a gentle honk of the horn or flash of the lights means 'after you'. Please note, if you hear the siren or see the flashing lights of an approaching emergency vehicle, you should slow down and pull off to the left immediately to allow it to pass.

Health and Medical

Barbados is serviced by a number of modern medical facilities, some 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as well as numerous well-qualified private doctors. Our main hospital is Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados.

If you require medical assistance at any time, students are asked to contact the student coordinator or Vice Dean. In case of an emergency whilst off campus:

Ambulance - Dial 511

Fire - Dial 311

Police - Dial 211

Hyperbaric Chamber - Scuba Diving - 436-5483.

Barbados Coast Guard -VHF Channel 16, call code 8 PAPA ZULU, or (246)427-8819.


The water service in Barbados is reliable and regulated by the Barbados Water Authority. Our water is safe to drink. You should drink plenty of it to remain hydrated. Feel free to refill your bottles at any water fountain. Tap Bottled water is available from the largest supermarket to the smallest corner shop.